Profiles International Workplace 101 Blog Hits One Million Views

Waco, TX. March 27, 2014 -Talent management solutions provider, Profiles International, proudly announced that its corporate workplace blog hit one million views on February 20, 2014. The blog, which is owned and maintained by Profiles International, has gained over 13,000 subscribers and shared more than 900 posts since its launch in August 2011.

Workplace 101 categories include prominent business topics such as HR, leadership, employee development, and HR technology. The blog also tackles issues such as workplace conflict, professional productivity, and effective team performance. The platform averages over 3,000 unique views per week and continues to grow, with subscribers joining daily from around the globe.

“Over the past three years, Workplace 101 has become a ‘go-to’ site for many HR and talent management professionals in our industry and around the world,” said Bud Haney, CEO and Chairman of Profiles International. “As a global business, we saw a need for a knowledge hub to share the expertise of our many talent management and hiring experts. Our staff helps businesses around the world develop teams to peak performance, and the Workplace 101 allows us to share these strategies for success with our audience.”

Regular blog contributors include Profiles International’s CEO Bud Haney, and Chief Science Officer, Dr. Scott Hamilton, along with talent management experts John Bradford, Sherry Perkins, and Dr. Greg Stewart.

Workplace 101 has featured guest blogs from prestigious and published authors, such as renowned TED speaker and author, Chip Conley, and NYT bestselling author, Kevin Kruse.

“Profiles has a tremendous impact on businesses around the globe, and the mission of our Workplace 101 aligns perfectly with that of our business,” said Michael Wilk, VP of Corporate Marketing at Profiles International. “We aim to help, train, and educate our readers on the latest trends, news, and strategies for building a successful business, team, or self. Upon reaching this milestone, we want to thank our audience for reading, sharing, and connecting with our blog.”

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