WACO) Texas, (APRIL) 2011 – Authors Bud Haney and Deiric McCann of Profiles International began their trip around the world promoting their new business book, “Leadership Charisma.”

The book was launched in January 2011 and skyrocketed through the Amazon rankings to 116 within its first 24 hours of sales

“We were confident in our research and our publication but amazed at people’s initial reaction to the book. People were so excited and intrigued by the concept that we knew we had to do a worldwide tour,” said Haney, president of Profiles International.

Over the space of two week, Haney and McCann conducted sold-out workshops to audiences of hundreds in Germany, Belgium, Turkey, Latvia, Slovenia, Ireland, the United Kingdom and Romania, ending back home in the USA. The authors’ schedules are now booked for the coming months with workshops in Poland, Estonia, France, Portugal, Greece and Lithuania, as well as concurrent sessions to be conducted by home staff and partners in the US.

“We were intrigued to find out if there would be a significant difference in the reaction to ‘Leadership Charisma’ worldwide, but what we found is that this boo is relevant to anyone, no matter the industry, jof title or culture. Audiences’ reactions backed up our research, that everyone faces the same challenges around the globe: getting the best possible results from your people. We also found that our book can help anyone learn to not just be good leaders but great leaders,” said co-author Deiric McCann, vice president of Profiles International, Europe.

Readers and workshop attendees following this setp-by-step guide not only learn how to be more personally charismatic, but also how to harness that charisma to achieve superior bottom-line results for their business. Specifically, they learn:
-Profiles’ four-step Leadership Charisma Model that will make readers more charismatic leaders.
-How to make a charismatic impression on everyone.
-How to dramatically increase the charismatic impact of one-to-one communications.
-How to give charismatic talks and presentations

The best selling “Leadership Charisma” is available here or on Amazon

About The Authors
Authors and entrepreneurs Jim Sirbasku (deceased) and Bud Haney co-founded Profiles International, a global leader in employment evaluation and human resource management assessment tools. Before his passing Jim served as the company’s chief executive officer, while Bud remains president. Deiric McCann is vice president of Profiles International, Europe. The authors have previously published the books 40 Strategies for Winning in Business (2003), The Customer Continuum (1998), and Writing Business Proposals (2000).

About Profiles International
Profiles International helps organizations worldwide create high-performing workforces. They offer a comprehensive suite of employment assessments that help companies gain a competitive advantage by selecting, hiring, retaining and developing great talent. Their assessments provide employers with information used for hiring, promoting, succession planning, 360-degree feedback programs, management development, training, motivating, improving customer service, and other employment issues.

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