Prominent Bottling Company Brings Recruiting Process into the Digital Age

COLUMBIA, MD, February 8, 2016–Berkshire Associates Inc., a leading human resources consulting and technology firm, releases a case study examining how Admiral Beverage Corporation (Admiral) went from using paper-based applications to an automated applicant tracking software–and how it saved the company time, money, and productivity.

Admiral, a leading bottling corporative with approximately 2,000 employees and 400 new hires per year, was in desperate need of a better way to manage its applicant processes. With such a heavy volume of applicants, the time spent by managers tracking every application was difficult and time-consuming.

The company decided to implement Berkshire Associates’ web-based applicant tracking system, BALANCEtrak, which takes the logistical work associated with recruiting, tracking, and hiring, and moves it from ink-and-paper to a digital application. The platform streamlines the process and allows staff to be more productive.

According to Admiral’s Senior Human Resource Manager, Jeff Clark, “As a direct result of BALANCEtrak’s automatic job posting features, Admiral receives 20 percent more applicants. Additionally, our jobs are filled faster–where it used to take a month or more to find the right candidate, now that process lasts only 10 to 15 days.” Clark is also confident his company has been able to attract a higher-caliber candidate, “By using this ATS, we are thinning the herd of applicants to only the select few who fit the requirements.”

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About Berkshire Associates:
Berkshire Associates is a human resources consulting and technology firm, specializing in helping companies build the ideal, balanced workforce. As an industry leader, Berkshire provides the latest tools and services for affirmative action, applicant tracking, compensation management, and HR training. For over 30 years, Berkshire has serviced the nation’s most recognizable companies; and as a result has mastered providing clients with cost-effective solutions to everyday human resources challenges.

About Admiral Beverage Corporation:
Admiral and its related companies produce and distribute premium soft drinks, waters, teas, fruit juices, energy drinks, alcoholic beverages, and more. Its mission is to be a strategic business partner as the Employer, Supplier, and Customer of Choice within the communities and markets it serves.