Prosperix Unveils Prosperix VMS Network, Best-In-Class Contingent Workforce Management Software

San Jose, California ( Thursday Mar 24, 2022 @ 6:00 AM Pacific —

Prosperix, a workforce innovation company, today announced the release of Prosperix VMS Network, a cloud-based vendor management system (VMS) that brings businesses, talent suppliers, and job candidates together in a common ecosystem. The software enables precise connections, richer insights, lower costs, and faster hiring.

When businesses adopt the Prosperix VMS Network, they are doing more than implementing a stand-alone VMS. They’re joining the world’s largest VMS network of connected businesses, suppliers, and candidates. The end-to-end technology provides access to exponential hiring capabilities, easier scalability, real-time data insights, and automation.

“In a world of rapid, often unpredictable change that requires businesses to be agile and dynamic to succeed, they must have innovative hiring solutions to keep up”, says Sunil Sunil Bagai, CEO of Prosperix. “Prosperix VMS uses network, machine, and human intelligence to enhance contingent workforce management and achieve outstanding hiring outcomes.”

The powerful artificial intelligence at the core of the Network matches open job requisitions to the best suppliers based on a number of real-time parameters. Other innovations found in the Prosperix VMS Network include:

  1. Fully-integrated hiring marketplace

  2. Automated supplier management

  3. Real-time reporting and analytics

  4. Fast and flexible hiring workflows

  5. Simple and intuitive workforce management

  6. Immediate set-up and go-live

When companies use the Prosperix VMS Network, they can feel confident that the right suppliers are engaged with the right open roles at the right time, resulting in complete submission coverage, greater supplier competition, and improved rates.

“There are distinct advantages to a network-based workforce hiring and management solution,” says Christopher J. Dwyer, managing partner at Ardent Partners. “By using technology that connects them to a network of suppliers, businesses can exponentially increase their access to talent and achieve better hiring outcomes.”

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About Prosperix

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