PXT Select(TM) Expands its Suite of Selection and Development Solutions with New Sales Reports

PXT Select(TM) has expanded its offering to include a suite of sales-focused selection and development reports tailored to help organizations hire and retain top sales talent.

The unique selection assessment, PXT Select, makes hiring simple, human, and smart for organizations of any size. PXT Select provides data about a candidate’s cognitive abilities, behavioral traits, and interests, providing organizations with insights to make smart, well-formed hiring decisions. The addition of sales-oriented reports gives companies an upper hand in finding and developing the right salespeople for their organization.

“Hiring bad or mediocre salespeople can be disastrous for an organization. Beyond just the talent acquisition costs, floundering sales people add exponential risks because they’re on the front line and likely how your customers will ultimately perceive your organization,” says William Hull, Director of Partner Channels at Wiley. “The actionable data from PXT Select Sales Reports provide organizations with insight to a candidate’s approach to critical sales practices. We realize the unique challenges of hiring and retaining top sales talent and it is crucial today to incorporate data to make these important selection decisions.”

The PXT Select Sales Reports focus on a candidate’s approach to the following critical sales practices: prospecting, initiating contact, building and maintaining relationships, closing the sale, self-starting, resourcefulness, coachability, and working with a team. Combined with the entire PXT Select suite, the sales reports provide powerful insights to identify and develop sales talent, creating a rich experience for both salespeople and their employers.

About PXT Select(TM)
PXT Select makes the very human decisions about hiring simpler and smarter. Combining over 20 years of research with powerful assessment technology, PXT Select and its intuitive suite of reports help fill the gap between the resume and the interview. This powerful selection assessment provides organizations with actionable data about candidates and employees in a simple to understand format that helps them to interview better and hire smarter. PXT Select is available exclusively through a network of Authorized Partners. Connect with a Partner at www.PXTSelect.com