QuantumWork Enhances Integration Capabilities with Top HRIS Softwares

Charlotte, N.C. (Dec. 10, 2020) — QuantumWork, found online at quantum.work, has enhanced its cloud-based Platform as a Service (“PaaS”) technology with increased connectivity to most major HR software platforms. The QuantumWork first-to-market platform indexes all data from all forms of talent from millions of proprietary and external data points, employing intelligent algorithms built into its “Quantum Core” platform to automatically search, match and rank the most relevant candidates across an employers’ different talent pools and databases.

Employers use a wide array of recognizable and industry-leading ATS and human capital management systems to house their talent data. With QuantumWork’s ability to leverage the data found in an employer’s existing system and aggregate it into a single view, it is imperative that integration be a top priority in terms of system choice and speed of implementation.

Through our partnership with CloudConnectors, an advanced iPaaS for software integration, QuantumWork offers pre-built integrations with all the leading talent softwares, drastically reducing time to launch,” shares Steve Parker, Founder & Head of Technology. “New system integrations are released regularly, and because integrations are template-driven, any new connectivity requested can be implemented in as little as 6 weeks.”

The ability to provide integrations based on templated-designs offers flexibility and quick turnaround for new connections. Parker adds,

“By implementing a QuantumWork solution across multiple systems, recruiters and human resource managers can see their whole talent landscape, as well as for practicality sake, alleviate redundant data entry, decrease multiple logins for various systems, and more. Customers can connect with platforms like iCIMS, Avature, BambooHR and more, as well as hundreds of other applications on the market. Our data experts work closely with clients to implement the necessary integrations to create user-friendly data environments, and all development operates within the bounds of data-sharing and data privacy regulations.”

To learn more about QuantumWork, visit quantum.work.

About QuantumWork

QuantumWork’s comprehensive talent platform provides complete visibility across talent systems and sources so that companies can make better hires faster. By extending and augmenting, rather than replacing existing CRM, ATS and VMS systems, QuantumWork aggregates these various data sources into a single, simple solution which provides access to all talent, all in one place.

QuantumWork’s unique approach produces highly personalized results that help find not only the most relevant candidates but also those most likely to succeed based on actual data specific to a company, industry and job function. QuantumWork means all your talent, all in one place. To learn more, visit quantum.work.