QuantumWork Introduces New Look and Clear Message

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – QuantumWork, found online at https://quantum.work has unveiled a newly designed, simplified website that includes a real-time glimpse into its Platform as a Service (“PaaS”) technology. Their total talent platform allows recruitment, procurement, and talent acquisition leaders to match and stack rank talent fast, and within a single platform, for all forms of work and all forms of talent.

“With the myriad of candidate data management systems on the market, and the complexities that exist within so many products, QuantumWork sought to cut through the clutter using the same simplistic approach that our product is known for in our newly designed website,” says Alan Barker, Head of Business Development for the Allegis backed Company. “Our direction is clear and definitive – simply answering the questions ‘what is QuantumWork?’ and ‘who should use it?’”

The new site, which is powered by QuantumWork, is a natural extension of the core platform and continues to expand its omni-channel capabilities.  This addition enables an improved candidate experience while providing full customization of externally facing pages. Visitors can sample the product for a user-driven demonstration (https://quantum.work/jobs), providing a glimpse into the improved candidate experience and easy approach to talent acquisition.

The release of the new online look underscores the timeliness of the QuantumWork product that is poised to support job recovery in response to the COVID-19 crisis.  The technology has specific benefits for candidates, employees and employers as the economic re-opening is underway.  QuantumWork technology can make displaced workers more visible to potential employers, and more easily searchable for rehire in the near future based upon their unique skills and qualifications. QuantumWork delivers talent data and labor market analytics across all worker classifications and talent types.

Barker adds, “While talent data is currently housed in separate silos in any given organization, QuantumWork leverages the intelligent algorithms built into the platform to provide a single, simple view of all existing data components. Our tech ensures that recruiters and talent acquisition professionals see the entire talent landscape, to be able to fill open roles quickly and efficiently as organizations seek to rebuild.”


About QuantumWork

QuantumWork’s comprehensive platform provides complete visibility across talent systems and sources so that companies can make better hires faster. By extending and augmenting, rather than replacing existing ATS and VMS tools, QuantumWork aggregates these various data sources into a single, simple solution which provides access to all talent, all in one place.

QuantumWork’s unique approach produces effective insights that help find the most relevant candidates in an efficient and organized way.  Based on actual data specific to a company, industry, and job function, QuantumWork provides the ability to hire better, faster with data-driven decisions. To learn more, visit quantum.work.