QuantumWork’s Release of Two New Service Models Sees 300% Increase in Web Site/Portal Traffic

Charlotte, N.C. (April 13, 2021) — QuantumWork, found online at quantum.work, is experiencing an online surge in traffic following the release of two new service models as part of their overall platform. A cloud-based intelligent sourcing platform powered by services, QuantumWork continues to bolster its offerings based on market need and hiring outlooks.

“As QuantumWork evolves, we are seeing a linkage between our Intelligent Sourcing Platform approach and companies seeking to build either a full-time or contingent workforce,” says Steve Parker, Founder and Head of Product and Technology. “Our You Drive model allows companies the ability to assume the QuantumWork software in-house as their own internal sourcing platform. Conversely, with the We Drive model, QuantumWork manages the software on behalf of their client, operating it outside of their firewall, to source specialty and high-volume talent.”

Because QuantumWork operates with the agility of a start-up tech firm but has access to the research and resources from industry leader Allegis Group, their ability to quickly identify, pivot and deploy services best geared for their customers, even as a relatively new entity, creates paths for growth and opportunity. The launch of their new website and product direction in late summer 2020, as well as a multi-channel marketing and education strategy, are focused on a hands-on, practical approach to generating awareness about QuantumWork’s scalable sourcing strategies.

The interest in QuantumWork’s approach to sourcing and hiring is reflected in the traffic surge to the brand’s online presence. In a six-month period, analytics indicated a 300% increase in traffic: visits to the site reached 671 in Sept. 2020; by Feb. 2021, traffic was over 2,700 visits in the month, projected to increase to 3,500 in March.

“In the grand scheme of web traffic, while the raw numbers may be considered small, it’s the steep incline in traffic that is exciting. The need for omni-channel sourcing in a flexible, customer-centric delivery package is resonating with talent acquisition teams. QuantumWork is the tool that is fulfilling the need,” adds Parker.

To learn more about QuantumWork, visit quantum.work or contact Kevin Phelps at kevin@quantum.work.

About QuantumWork
QuantumWork is a cloud-based Intelligent Sourcing Platform Powered by Services! We reduce the complexities of sourcing strategies, eliminate overhead and avoid fixed infrastructures that don’t scale with your needs. QuantumWork features two innovative models to support your talent needs. We Drive, a low risk, cost efficient and high-tech solution that delivers results. We’ll provide the platform, omnichannel sourcing capabilities and innovative services to deliver qualified, willing and available candidates. You Drive puts the power of the QuantumWork platform in your team’s hands to drive the solution. We give you access to the platform, omnichannel sourcing and world class integrated services to power your own talent solutions.