RChilli and enrich.io Launch ‘Enrich Solr Taxonomy 3.0’

San Ramon, CA, February 15, 2021  — RChilli and enrich.io are collaborating together to launch a game-changing product, Enrich Solr Taxonomy 3.0.

With a commitment to offering future-ready products to the users, both companies conceptualize this product to enhance the search capabilities of the Solr engine. The powerful functionality of Enrich Solr Taxonomy 3.0 will bring a major transformation in the way the Solr engine works.

One of the major challenges faced by ATS and job boards is that Solr offers limited keyword enhancement results. The taxonomy or synonym creation process of Solr is tedious. For example, searching with the keyword ‘Front Desk Assistant’ may give the users a few relevant candidate results. 

But what about the candidates who do not carry this keyword in their resumes but have the same experience as that of a Front Desk Assistant like Receptionist, phone operator etc.? This is where Solr has a limitation. Because of its limited capability of offering accurate search results, the users miss out on quality resumes.

With its unique functionality, Taxonomy 3.0 can now help in enriching the Solr engine. 

enrich.io Taxonomy of Skills and Job Profile facilitates a remarkable improvement in the Solr search engine by providing ready-to-use Skills and Job Profile taxonomy of Prime Word and synonyms.

It improves the user experience by showing the recommended skills/job titles to the candidate/recruiter while searching. For example, it offers alias for the job profile ‘Front Desk Assistant’ such as Front Desk Reception, Front Desk Receptionist, Front Office Assistant, Front Office Clerk, Front Office Receptionist, Full-time Receptionist. The users can use these alias and expand their keyword search to find the right fit.

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Enrich Solr Taxonomy 3.0 will enhance the performance of Solr with Similar Skills/Jobs, Skills/Jobs Alias, Related Skills/Jobs, and Ontology.

At present, the Taxonomy offers 9,00,000+ Skills and 5,50,000+ Job Profiles.

By using Taxonomy in Solr, the users will 

  • see an exceptional improvement in search results
  • get a structured faceting via Ontology
  • get a full similar word Taxonomy

It is very easy to apply Taxonomy in the Solr instance. RChilli and enrich.io have ensured that the entire process remains simple and more productive for the users.

At present, there is an offer of up to 35% discount on Enrich Solr Taxonomy 3.0. Click here for more details.

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