RChilli Celebrates 10 Years of Trust

SAN RAMON, CALIF., October 1 , 2020 — RChilli is excited to share that it is celebrating its 10th work anniversary in October 2020. This occasion marks a moment of pride for the entire RChilli team. 

The journey started in 2010 when Vinay Johar, CEO-RChilli, came with an idea of creating an affordable and scalable resume parser that can be used by even the smallest company in the world. The company was initially a startup and had a small team. 

But after ten years, it is counted as one of the leading resume analytics companies in the HR tech market. Today, many Fortune 500 companies love working with RChilli. It offers its intelligent solutions, including Resume Parser, Search & Match Engine 2.0, Taxonomy 3.0, and Enrichment Marketplace to 1600+ customers in 33+ countries.  

The company helps candidates submit a job application within 10 seconds and saves recruiters’ time on data entry by 89%. While a traditional hiring process takes 30-45 days to close a job, RChilli aims at closing the same in less than 3-4 hours. 

With its commitment to provide incredible user experience, the company continues to evolve and promises to offer future-ready products to its users. 

Celebrating the 10th anniversary, Vinay Johar, CEO-RChilli, shared, “Time flies by. We all have worked with a sharp vision, focus, and determination that helped us reach this level.

Today, I want to thank the RChilli team who worked effortlessly, our initial anchor customers who helped us to define pricing structure and product adaptability, and all the current team members, clients, partners, advisors, mentors, and coaches who kept us moving in the right direction. We are proud that today, we serve global enterprises.

Recalling the incredible journey, Vinod K. Bhardwaj, CTO-RChilli, said, “In the last ten years, I have seen many ups and downs at RChilli. In 2012, there was a sudden fire breakout, and we were left with 8 team members from a total strength of 50. We restarted everything from scratch. In 2014, we changed technology from dot net (windows server) to Java (Linux server). Since then, there was no looking back. In every situation, we have remained committed to our customers for delivering world-class products.”

Inder Pal Singh, Product Lead-RChilli, said, “I’ve been with RChilli since its inception, and I have enjoyed every moment of this 10-year-long journey. It feels proud to work with such an innovative company that develops world-class products.

RChilli has celebrated many achievements in these ten years. I am confident that it will touch unlimited milestones in the future. I know it will be a roller coaster ride. That’s why I have already fastened my seat belts.”

Talking about the advancements, Vikesh Kumar, Team Lead-RChilli, said, “Starting from Window-based stand-alone application in .Net, we moved to java Soap API, Rest based Cloud API, and currently, we are working on AI, Machine learning, and deep learning technologies. The journey started with a single product, and now we have multiple product lines. It feels amazing to realize that in the beginning, we had a client who paid us $6, and now we work with enterprises that pay $50k.”

Jitender Thakur, Sr. System Administrator-RChilli, also shared his experience of working with RChilli. “I have been working with RChilli since its inception. I have seen the growth starting from $6 to million-dollar now. It has been a wonderful experience because I got an opportunity to grow personally as well as professionally. RChilli is a perfect company that gives you the freedom to enhance your skills,” said Jitender.

RChilli is achieving new milestones one after another. The future holds many opportunities for the company as it aims at targeting the geographies which haven’t been explored yet.

The company is working on the following actions to achieve the same.

  • Using AI+ML technologies such as Weka, TensorFlow, neural networks, and many more
  • Supporting more languages to efficiently parse resumes
  • Offering easy and ready-to-use integration with ERP and CRM systems

To celebrate this wonderful occasion, RChilli has some special offers for its new users.