RChilli Launches its Deep Learning Parsing Module 

RChilli believes in the continuous development of its products to provide world-class technology solutions to its customers. After years of research in AI, NLP, and machine learning, RChilli is proud to announce the launch of its new deep learning parsing module. 

The main aim of introducing this technology stack is to empower its users to work with the best and latest NLP technology. This milestone brings a major qualitative change in RChilli’s intelligent solutions

High-Performance Parsing

The users will witness better search results with an improved extraction and smarter identification of resume data. Also, there is a remarkable improvement across the data fields and a significant decrease in error rates. Adopting deep learning technology also builds a path for faster release of languages. 

The dream of providing advanced parsing with deep learning technology comes true with this new achievement.

The Magic of Deep Learning

Deep learning is a game-changer in the HR tech industry. It processes a large amount of text data through algorithms. With the capability of self-learning, it automatically learns the representation of similar words. 

Deep learning also automates the process of adding new knowledge. Earlier, a list of skills was manually gathered. But now, NER, NRR can predict values, entities directly from the text, simplify the process of acquiring data, and bring better generalization to data. 

Building a resume parser requires continuous efforts. This new technology stack includes the most trusted, authentic and best-in-category technologies. Have a look at the detailed overview of technologies RChilli is using.

With its resume parser, semantic match, and enrichment, RChilli is helping its clients explore their true potential in the recruitment and HR process. 

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