RChilli Launches Search & Match Engine v2.0

Imagine if you could find the perfect talent in a fraction of time by matching candidates with your job openings!

What if there was a technology product that could simplify your recruitment process by providing quick candidate recommendations?

The search and match algorithms are there in the HR tech market for long. Keeping this interesting concept in mind, RChilli has launched Search & Match Engine v2.0, which speeds up the recruitment process with similar resumes as well as matching jobs.

RChilli is in the news for a long time with its new features, versions, and products. These extraordinary innovations are building trust among the users with their amazing benefits.

After spending dedicated time on research, this leading recruitment analytics provider uses its comprehensive technology stack to introduce a reliable product to the HR tech industry. 

What is RChilli Search & Match Engine?

The Search & Match Engine gives you the power to search and match candidates and jobs with great flexibility.

  • Its powerful search engine capability offers an intelligent search engine by filtering resume data according to similar search keywords.
  • NLP based Query Analyzer converts any standard English language search string to a qualified search query by tagging location, company, skill, job profile, experience level, tools, language, etc.
  • Its intuitive matching technology finds the perfect candidate through normalized and enriched datag. skills/ competency, domain, location, education, city, company, and job title.

What’s Unique about Search & Match Engine?

RChilli’s Search & Match Engine promises to deliver best-in-class features to its users.

a. The search engine provides the following matches:

  • Resume to Jobs– It brings more job recommendations to the candidate.
  • Job to Jobs– It brings similar job recommendations matching a specific job position.
  • Job to Resumes– It brings more candidate recommendations for a job position.
  • Resume to Resumes– It brings similar candidate recommendations matching a specific resume.

b. Explore the magic of the search engine as it provides appropriate matched documents based on search keywords that are indexed into the system.

c. Rank your matching results of jobs against candidates.

Discover Some Exciting Benefits of this Trusted Solution

  • Get a more productive recruiting system by using an automated matching and scoring system.
  • A smarter approach to reach the right candidate by recognizing and ranking talent.
  • Get perfect candidates similar to the searched candidates within a fraction of time.
  • Broaden the scope of your search capabilities.
  • Find the perfect candidate through skill mapping.

Wondering how RChilli’s Search and Match Engine can help you in finding your rockstar candidate? Read this blog for more information.

To know more about the Search & Match Engine, go to rchilli.com.