RChilli’s Customers Can Now Quickly Onboard New Clients with New Features

RChilli is offering an exceptional experience to its customers by being future-ready for all upcoming demands for a feature/product. With this promise, the company is utilizing all its resources, knowledge, and expertise to adopt brilliant features in its product.

The idea of offering a comprehensive list of features to the customers is to help them with the fast onboarding of new clients.

Along with its intelligent solutions i.e Resume Parser, Semantic Match, and Enrichment Marketplace, RChilli is introducing some remarkable features in its products that will act as a gamechanger in the HR tech industry.

Bulk Import

Bulk import allows RChilli’s resume parser to fetch resumes in bulk either from database or desktop folders. The customers of the company will love this feature as RChilli’s resume parser can parse resumes in real-time, helping them parse multiple resumes in one go. As a result, they can save the time of their clients and offer a fast service.

Imagine how effectively the users can speed up the recruitment process by parsing resumes in bulk!

Email Inbox Integration.

Parsing resumes is easy, but what if the resumes are stored in different emails? A simple feature could help the users fetch data from various email inboxes at once. Email integration allows users to parse resumes or jobs from single or multiple email inboxes. This feature requires quite a simple process and quick one-time setup.

Configuration Feature

The configuration feature gives the users the freedom to choose resume data fields that match their requirements. The users get an option to enable/disable data fields. They can disable the data fields that can cause bias, such as candidate image, age, name, gender, etc. As a result, the users can promote diversity in their recruitment process by removing unconscious bias. This amazing feature offers a more focused approach to extract data from resumes.


RChilli is planning to launch RScript soon. It is a web plugin that will shorten the integration time of a resume parser from two hours to two minutes. This plugin will bring a major change in offering seamless integration. Now, creating a Go-to-Market strategy from a parser to a web page will be a matter of less than five minutes.

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