RChilli’s Views on HR Technology: July’19

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Launching the Powerful Deep Learning Resume Parsing Module

RChilli has launched its deep learning resume parsing module. What is the aim behind introducing this module and which technologies have been used? Curious to know? Read this blog and find out.

A Recap of HR Tech Xpo, San Francisco 2019

Did you attend HR Tech Xpo? If not, get some insights into what happened at the event. Vinay Johar, CEO of RChilli, also attended this event. Read this blog to know what were the highlights of this conference.

HR Tech Helping Niche Job Boards Find the Best Talent

What are niche job boards, and how are they making use of technology to provide an amazing experience to candidates? This blog talks about the recruitment analytics solutions which can enhance the functionality of these job boards. Read to know how.

Best Tools for An Effective Hiring Campaign

Are you creating a hiring campaign? Read this blog to know which tools you can use to make the campaign more effective. See if you are already using these tools or they can become a new addition.


LinkedIn Pulse

Top 5 Recruitment Software Statistics

Are you planning to enhance your recruitment process? Adopting a recruitment software will be a good idea. Read this blog to go through some of the latest recruitment software statistics and a list of the best recruitment software.

Debunking the Myths about AI in HR

AI is bringing a change in the recruitment process, but along with the benefits also come certain myths. This article tries to bust these myths. Check out the myths along with the reality/facts and bring clarity to the AI concept.

Top 7 Job Boards of 2019

Do you know which are the best job boards available in the industry? This article lists the popular job boards and also talks about how they can enhance their functionality with the help of technology.


White Paper

Top 3 Use Cases of AI in Recruitment

AI is a gamechanger in recruitment. You might want to know how you can use AI to simplify your recruitment process. Download this whitepaper and learn about the use cases of AI.


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