RChilli’s Views on HR Technology:Aug’19

At RChilli, we always talk about the latest developments taking place in the HR Tech industry.

Continuing with our monthly round-up post, read this article to know what we have published this month.


Why Should Candidate Experience Be Your Foremost Priority?

Candidate experience is an important factor in making your recruitment process successful. Read this blog to know why candidate experience matters and what are the best ways to improve it.

Fixing the Recruiting Process with an ATS

Why should you use the power of an applicant tracking system to enhance your recruitment process? And how does technology give a boost to the functionality of an ATS? Curious to know? Read this blog to get insights.

How to Attract Candidates to Your Career Site?

Are you looking for a solution to get more traffic to your website? It’s time you start providing an excellent experience to candidates. Check out this article and find out how technology can help your career site attract candidates.

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Shifting Towards Intelligent Technology (Deep Learning)-An Incredible Move in Talent Acquisition

Deep learning is creating waves in the HR tech industry. RChilli has recently announced the launch of its deep learning module, introducing its new technology stack. What is this stack all about and what impact will it bring to the users? Isn’t it interesting? Check out this article to get more information.

Expert Opinion: Solving Unconscious Bias in Recruitment 

We talked to experts in the HR tech industry and asked them their opinions on how unconscious bias is affecting recruitment and what can be the best solution for this challenge. Their responses are quite insightful, and they suggest new approaches to deal with the same. Read this article for more details.

Are Niche Job Boards Dominating Recruiting Space?

I am sure you will agree that niche job boards are getting popular day by day. How can they help in finding passive candidates? Read this article to know about it.


The idea to write on these topics is to analyze how new technological trends are shaping the recruitment process.

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