RealTime Performance and QuietSpacing Provide Specific Tips for Making Email More Operationally and Strategically Effective

SEATTLE (March 9, 2011) — The sight of hundreds of emails in an in-box can be overwhelming, even debilitating. Information overload can result in reduced productivity, lowered performance and evaporating career satisfaction.

A new white paper from RealTime Performance and QuietSpacing provides specific recommendations for making email more operationally and strategically effective. “Using Email Effectively,” can be accessed at

The white paper is the first in a series of white papers from RealTime Performance and QuietSpacing. The series, Bite-sized Booklets, delivers bite-sized chunks of knowledge to increase leadership effectiveness.

“Using Email Effectively” explores how email can either help workers become better leaders or prevent them from achieving goals. The white paper offers four detailed suggestions for applying good time management and workflow processing skills. The skills help leaders stay focused on making progress toward short-, medium- and long-term goals. The four suggestions for making email more operationally effective include:

• Eliminating new message alerts.
• Processing email in batches instead of individually.
• Understanding the respective value of responding and responsiveness.
• Staying focused on the most valuable time leaders will spend in the workplace, which is on developing talent.

Once the tactics for managing emails are in place, the white paper shifts focus to sharing suggestions for making email more strategically effective. Leaders are given specific guidance for:
• Defining a personal purpose and vision in the workplace.
• Leading from the heart and not the keyboard to connect people to their higher purpose.
• Being present and authentic when interacting and engaging with others.
• Slowing down to connect with important activities, in the process finding that making progress toward goals actually speeds up.

“While drowning in a sea of information, it’s easy to confuse activity with productivity,” said Murray. “Today’s digital age means we are bombarded seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. Our new white paper shares strategies for taking advantage of the power of modern communication to make us better, more productive leaders, while mitigating the negative side effects.”

To download “Using Email Effectively,” visit

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