RealTime Performance Offers Leadership Development Tips and Resources for Helping Leaders Coach Talent in the Workplace

SEATTLE (Jan. 10, 2012) – A new complimentary tip sheet from RealTime Performance gives leaders quick and specific insights to help leaders coach talent in the workplace. This content provides readers with a snapshot of the resources available in Inspire, an online leadership development tool from RealTime Performance.

“Helping Leaders Coach Talent in the Workplace,” the eleventh monthly installment in the Inspire 10X10 tip sheet series, is available for download at Each tip sheet provides ten short, actionable suggestions for on-the-job leadership development activities, along with recommended learning resources for further study of each monthly topic.

This month’s Inspire 10X10 offers leaders tips and resources for coaching talent in the workplace. Tips include guidance on the importance of creating career development plans, the value of providing ongoing feedback, and how to actively coach team members to promote growth and learning.

“As the Baby Boomers prepare for retirement, it is more important than ever for managers to actively coach and develop the next generation of leaders,” said RealTime Performance’s chief executive officer, Sean Murray. “Successful companies are investing in this generational turn-over to ensure that up-and-coming leaders have the right mixture of knowledge, skill and experience to wisely lead the organization into the future.” 

RealTime Performance, a provider of Web-based leadership assessment and development tools, created Inspire to equip employees to take ownership of their leadership development by enabling them to build, drive and track their own leadership development plans. Inspire includes links to books, articles, well-known blogs and videos that reinforce each leadership topic.

To access the current Inspire 10X10, “Helping Leaders Coach Talent in the Workplace,” visit

About RealTime Performance
Founded in 1999, RealTime Performance delivers online training products to develop company leaders. The products enable companies to cost-effectively assess leadership skills, make targeted recommendations for performance improvement and empower employees to create and share development plans to achieve business goals. The company’s flagship Web-based training product, Inspire, provides a self-directed means for employees to manage their career development, giving them access to knowledge and skills at the “point of need.” For more information, visit

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