Key Findings Released in Chally 2012 Global Leadership Research Report: Leading talent analytics consulting firm supplies insights to CEO challenges

DAYTON, OHIO, (HRMarketer) June 6, 2012 — Chally Group Worldwide™, in close partnership with Right Management, has released the summary results and key findings from the Second Annual Global Leadership Research Project conducted in late 2011 with C-level and senior human resources and development leaders from over 1,000 global organizations. The original survey data was collected with Chief Executive magazine for publication of the 40 Best Companies for Leaders 2012 in January of this year.

The study’s research objectives are to get direct input from CEO’s, HR and talent management leaders around evolving practices in leadership development, recognition of innovative approaches, and finally the challenges faced by companies committed to investing in their talent for strong business performance.

“The challenges of corporate leadership today demand dramatically greater capabilities than disciplines of the past,” stated Howard Stevens, Chairman of Chally. “CEOs bear the ultimate responsibility for shepherding organizations to long-term success. They cannot predict the future, but they can prepare their successors with the necessary competencies, experiences, and resources to drive continued growth and profitability.”

Key Findings from the 2012 Global Leadership Research Project:
• The Dominant CEO Challenge: Leadership within a Global Economy. Looking at the success/failure rates of international assignments, the study questioned what steps companies take to increase leader’s success outside of their home country.
• Public versus Private: Competing Pressures. Public and private companies vary widely in the leadership challenges they face. Major differences occurred when weighing performance criteria. The leadership performance metric most important for private companies was customer satisfaction, while public companies rated EBITDA (earnings before taxes, etc) as most critical.
• Succession Failure: The Leadership Paradox Revisited. Chally’s report identifies a top reason CEOs fail — companies are not using key competency criteria to look for them.
• Impactful Leadership Development Directly Tied to Business Performance. Data from the study suggests that an organizational commitment to leadership development correlates directly with business performance.

The report concludes with an interview of current and former executives from Bain & Company. They state: While CEOs exercise ultimate authority within an organization, their ability to lead through others, employing sophisticated interpersonal skill, is paramount. It is not about “emotional intelligence” but a strong sense of self.

To view the full research report findings, visit Chally’s Global Leadership site to download a copy. Chally is hosting a webinar to review some of the findings from the report June 26 at 3:00 PM (Eastern).

The Global Leadership Research Study is on ongoing project, with plans to expand data collection to gather critical information on issues previously identified as important. Chally invites participation from leaders and HR executives most involved in leadership development and succession planning. Individuals interested in participating in the study may check the contact box on the report download website.

More information about the companies included in the 2012 top 40 public rankings and top 10 private rankings can be found in the January/February edition of Chief Executive magazine.

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