RemarkableHire Launches Social Recruiting Tool Based on Social Evidence, First of its Kind to Help Recruiters Source And Evaluate Top Tech Talent

RemarkableHire (, a new cloud-based, talent-sourcing platform, has officially left the beta phase and launched the first-ever social recruiting tool based on Social Evidence. The new startup helps recruiters source and evaluate the best technology and design candidates based on an algorithm that analyzes their contributions to online skill-based communities.

Though the national unemployment rate is still high at 7.8 percent, finding highly qualified candidates in the tech industry continues to be a challenge. RemarkableHire was built on the basis of addressing this gap as it allows recruiters to find top tech talent, particularly those in the 84% of the workforce who are not actively seeking a job.

“With RemarkableHire, we set out to answer two questions: `Where can you find the best tech candidates, and what evidence do you have that they really are the best?'” said Jamey Jeff, Co-founder and CEO of RemarkableHire. “The best candidates aren’t hanging out on job boards all day, and resumes just don’t do the best job of articulating or demonstrating how well someone knows what they claim to know.”

The online sourcing tool employs an alternative means of finding and evaluating candidates: Social Evidence. Increasingly, the best tech candidates contribute to and participate in industry-specific, online communities. Members of these communities present their expertise and knowledge to peers who can review and approve their contributions. Social Evidence works by aggregating these implicit endorsements of a candidate’s know-how across dozens of such websites into one unified profile. This approach allows RemarkableHire to rank candidates by their expertise in each individual skill, as evidenced by their contributions to each skill-based social contribution community. Employers no longer have to rely solely on resumes, portfolios, and other biased materials, as the talent sourcing tool presents users with the candidates with the most relevant, and proven, experience.

“Most people think of social recruiting as using only LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter — but in order to recruit top technical talent, your sourcing needs to be much more informed and nuanced,” said Scott Rothrock, Co-founder and President of RemarkableHire. “By casting a smaller and more focused net, employers can find hidden talent where those candidates are already spending their days demonstrating their craft, and therefore engage with candidates in a more meaningful way.”

To date, RemarkableHire has indexed 25 online communities to rank tech talent based on participation and contribution. Websites like StackOverflow, GitHub, and Dribbble are scanned to gather an unbiased, collective view of the capabilities of techies that may not be actively seeking employment, but are still open to new opportunities.

Pricing for RemarkableHire is $349.99 per month (with a 7-day free trial), and falls to $299.99 per month with an annual subscription.

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About RemarkableHire
RemarkableHire is a talent sourcing platform that uses social evidence to help recruiters and hiring managers find and evaluate the best job candidates. The product’s search engine locates top tech candidates, whether they are actively seeking a job or not, and gathers information on each individual from all of the sites where they participate online. The integrated candidate ranking system then analyzes the candidates based on how well they know the specific skills you are searching for. RemarkableHire helps recruiters and hiring managers spend less time filtering unqualified candidates by delivering top talent endorsed by the collective voice of the crowd.