Reviewsnaps White Paper Gets Underneath What Motivates Employees – Compensation Strategies That Appeal to Your Top Performers

Reviewsnap, the leading cloud-based performance management software solution, today released its new white paper, “Put Your Money Where the Motivation Is —Compensation Strategies to Retain Your Best People.” Download a complimentary copy now.

No matter the economic environment, a leading goal of most organizations remains creating a workplace that’s engaging and motivating, where employees want to stay, grow and contribute their knowledge, experience and expertise. Engaged employees are those who are motivated to contribute beyond what’s expected. But what creates motivation and engagement, especially for your top performers?

Employees need clear answers to the age-old question — “What’s in it for me?” There are plenty of factors that contribute to motivation and engagement, but getting compensation right is a foundational element.

When it comes to effectively rewarding a diverse team of individuals, the fact is that one approach does not satisfy all. Developing a pay-for-performance strategy should include a process that rewards individuals relative to their contributions and how well they achieved objectives aligned to the organization’s goals. According to Chris Arringdale, Reviewsnap’s vice president of marketing, “When employees understand how their achievements are valued and rewarded, motivation and engagement improve. Reviewsnap’s compensation module makes rewarding results-based performance easy and reliable.”

Download your complimentary copy of Reviewsnap’s white paper “Put Your Money Where the Motivation Is — Compensation Strategies to Retain Your Best People” to learn how your organization can benefit from:
• Identifying work characteristics that can improve or derail motivation
• Using a strategy of total rewards to improve retention and engagement
• Designing compensation that pays for performance and results
• Differentiating rewards to reinforce and motivate your top performers
• Creating compensation transparency that builds trust and accountability

Download your complimentary copy of Reviewsnap’s white paper “Put Your Money Where the Motivation Is — Compensation Strategies to Retain Your Best People” now.

Build a strategy of total rewards to create the kind of performance your organization needs to succeed. By using an automated solution that integrates performance and compensation management, your managers and employees will have the tools they need to drive your business forward.

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