Reviewsnap's White Paper Helps Your Company Move Ahead with Performance Management Without Any Dread

Move Your Business Forward with Meaningful Performance Management Strategies

Reviewsnap, the leading cloud-based performance management software solution, today released its new white paper, “From Dread to Moving Ahead — Take the Pain Out of Performance Management.” Download a complimentary copy now.

Cue the shaking of heads, the rolling of eyes, and the murmurs of “not again” heard up and down the office corridors. How could a process so ingrained in organizational culture cause so much anxiety? Simple. By emphasizing form over function and process over performance acceleration. Too often, activities focus on compliance rather than creating lasting value for the organization and its people.

An effective performance management strategy can set the stage for a high-performance culture. Discover how to create a results-oriented performance management process that will advance your organization’s position in the market while also nurturing your best and brightest talent when you download your complimentary copy of Reviewsnap’s new white paper, “From Dread to Moving Ahead — Take the Pain Out of Performance Management.”.

“It’s time to take a deeper look into performance management,” said Chris Arringdale, Reviewsnap’s Vice President of Marketing. “Organizations that are serious about moving their businesses forward should stop thinking of performance management as an `annual event’ and instead create a process of continual improvement using ongoing goal setting, coaching and feedback. This agile model of performance management helps to keep everyone on track and moving in the right direction.”

When you download Reviewsnap’s new white paper, you’ll learn valuable tips and best practices that will help your company:
• Determine organizational readiness for performance management
• Establish a culture of performance
• Use goal-setting, coaching and feedback to drive engagement and results

Drop the dreadful process of once-a-year, paper-based performance appraisals and start using these best practices to help your organization move ahead. An effective performance management process is a proven solution for getting the highest possible return on the company’s greatest asset — its people.

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