Ropella Leadership Curriculum Being Reviewed for Certification by the US Department of Homeland Security

MILTON, Fla., May 3, 2012 — Ropella’s emerging Leadership Transformation division has recently created Transformational Leadership in a Crisis (TLC), a curriculum for first responders, to be certified by the US Department of Homeland Security, in partnership with the Applied Science Foundation for Homeland Security.

Ropella’s new Leadership Transformation program provides state-of-the-art, immersive, cutting-edge leadership training in partnership with universities, law enforcement agencies, retired Secret Service and FBI leaders, security firms, and even the US Department of Homeland Security. Four focused and targeted training modules are administered in a variety of formats and venues, including Executive Briefings, 1-day Transformation Events, 2- to 4-day Transformation Experiences, customized Transformation Consulting, webinars, white papers, and keynotes.

Transformational Leadership in a Crisis
is a transformational experience in which first responders and corporate executives managing crises learn vital skills and principles, in a team environment, to integrate with actual situations they face. Ropella is currently working with the Department of Homeland Security towards certification, at which point this new program will also be included in the DHS catalogue of courses. Other programs offered by Ropella Leadership Transformation include TALON Leadership, a real-world simulation and immersive learning experience putting executives and leaders right into a significant, unexpected crisis, and then training them how to plan for, handle, and overcome such an event. Leadership 24/7 narrows down leadership into six critical skills of highly successful leaders and delivers practical solutions for those seeking to take their leadership skills to the next level. Ropella’s fourth leadership course, The Future of Leadership, educates business and corporate clients on where leadership is evolving to, and teaches four vital virtues of tomorrow’s leaders.

Ropella’s revolutionary leadership courses are facilitated and led primarily by three individuals: Dr. Jim Harris‘ perspective is as broad as it is unique, from his first job as a 12-year-old shoe shine boy to the boardrooms of the Fortune 500. His track record of leadership and managerial success includes such industries as home building, retail, transportation, franchising, and university operations. He is also the author of eight books on leadership. Mike Goehring served as a special agent of the United States Secret Service for 21 years with many and varied assignments, including protection of five U.S. presidents. He is also the co-owner and president of The Jericho Group, a team of seasoned, knowledgeable advisors in areas of physical and electronic security, protection, and crisis management. Harry LeBoeuf is a retired USAF Colonel with over 30 years of practical experience leading and managing various diverse organizations of all sizes. He has a strong record of practical managerial and leadership achievements.

“Our Leadership Transformation team has really captured a unique cross-section of the corporate and security arenas, and the material they have created is simply amazing,” said Ropella chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Patrick Ropella. “We’re very honored that the Department of Homeland Security is certifying our content. It’s exciting to see where our leadership programs are going.”

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