Duluth, GA – July 12, 2013 – Sability will play an active role at Ceridian’s annual user conference INSIGHTS 2013 July 14-17, 2013, in Orlando. Sability is a platinum sponsor for the event, reinforcing its partnership with Ceridian.

“Our relationship with Sability remains strong and continues to play an important role in the successful implementation of Dayforce Human Capital Management,” said Paul Sandusky, senior vice president of Operations, Ceridian HCM. “We’re delighted with their commitment to INSIGHTS 2013, and ultimately to the success of our customers.”

“We’re pleased to be a major part of this year’s Ceridian Insights 2013,” Sability President Scott Brown said. “Ceridian is a trusted leader in human capital management and we efficiently and effectively implement Dayforce HCM to drive profitability, success and results for Ceridian customers.”

As part of the event, Mr. Brown will also be a member of the judging panel for the 2013 Ceridian XOXO Awards. The inaugural awards program recognizes customers who have realized outstanding results leveraging a combination of Ceridian products, services, best practices and transformative technology.

In addition, Sability’s Chief Operating Officer Rob Leonard will deliver a presentation titled “How to Use Change Management and Project Management to Simplify Your Implementation and Guarantee Success.” Mr. Leonard will discuss how change management and project management have long been pillars of success for large enterprise implementations, but require specific expertise to apply these concepts to a company’s project. Using case studies, Mr. Leonard will present tactical-level techniques gleaned from large enterprise rollouts that are distilled, tailored and right-sized for a company’s implementation.

The session will be held on Tues., July 16 from 2 pm to 2:45 pm in meeting room Sun 3-4.

About Sability

Sability is a leading human capital management consulting firm dedicated to helping companies create the link between technology and tangible business results. Sability has established itself as the trusted advisor to Fortune 50 and smaller organizations, by assisting them throughout their HCM lifecycle, including analysis, implementation, customization, system management and upgrades. Sability’s consultants provide unmatched depth in the functional and technical aspects of human capital management, taking a whole-solution view that includes business processes, software configuration, user adoption, best practices, compliance and technical infrastructure. For more information, visit www.sability.com.


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