Save Up to 89% of Recruiter’s Time with RChilli Resume Parser in Salesforce

Are you using Salesforce?

If yes, how are you entering resume data into Salesforce?

Is creating a new Contact/Lead/Custom Object in Salesforce consuming a lot of your time?

We understand that manual resume data entry can be one of the biggest challenges for you. Manually filling in details of the candidates from their resumes in Salesforce not only takes a lot of time of recruiters but also results in incorrect entries, missing information, etc.

CRM research shows that the number one challenge to CRM adoption is manual data entry. 

What can you do to automate the process of extracting applicant information from resumes and storing it in Salesforce?

There is nothing more powerful than HR technology.

We believe that a recruiter’s job has a lot more scope than just doing data entry. It involves identifying the future hiring needs, planning and executing the recruitment process, and creating strategies. But manual resume data entry takes up most of their time and they end up paying more attention to this task than focus on creating strategies.

This is the reason we are now available on Salesforce AppExchange because we can help the Salesforce users automate their resume data extraction process by using RChilli resume parser in Salesforce.

What Can You Do With RChilli Resume Parser in Salesforce?

  • Data Extraction in 140+ Fields– Once you parse a resume, the resume parser will automatically populate the data fields such as experience, education, skills, contact details, etc. by extracting the complete information from the resume.
  • Bulk Import– With this unique feature, you can easily parse multiple resumes in a go, automatically extract their details and instantly add data in Salesforce.
  • Email Inbox Integration– Quickly parse resumes from single or multiple email inboxes.

Benefits of Using RChilli Resume Parser in Salesforce

  • Reduce data entry time by up to 89%.
  • Easily import multiple resumes and save time.
  • Within less than two seconds, get resume data from your email inbox to your database.

To know more about how our resume parser can help you in Salesforce, check out our app at Salesforce AppExchange.

RChilli is the most trusted partner for Parsing, Matching, and Data enrichment for global recruiting platforms. It is ISO 27001:2013 certified and GDPR compliant organization serving 1600+ customers in 37+ countries.

Originally published on the RChilli blog