SBS Change Management Thought Leadership Series Continues with Part 2: Minding the Gap

ATLANTA – January 14, 2016 — Human resources consultancy SteelBridge Solutions, Inc. (SBS) has published the second installment of its latest thought leadership series, called Agility Lessons. Designed to report insights, emerging trends, and examples of HR agility in action, the series focuses on the breakthrough results that can be achieved when both client and consultant practice innovative thinking.

The first Agility Lesson, titled “Planning for Change,” described how the County of San Mateo in California learned that “the best change management plan is never the first one” as they implemented Workday’s human capital management software. “Minding the Gap” focuses on the middle stages of their project, when many organizations give in to the temptation to take a break from change.

“Change projects are lengthy and demanding,” said SBS Managing Director Susan Richards. “Project team members usually wear two hats, and when the launch is over, the urge to catch up on their real jobs can be overwhelming. That is the worst possible time to take your eye off the change management ball. San Mateo County made a deliberate and conscious effort to schedule activities during what might have been ‘down time’ so that change remained uppermost in their stakeholders’ minds.”

Richards and Theresa Rabe, Deputy HR Director for San Mateo County, presented “Minding the Gap — A Change Management Story” at the International Association for Human Resource Information Management (IHRIM) conference in Atlanta on Sept. 17, 2015. They shared important lessons, as well as activities designed to maximize user adoption, including building an extensive change champion network, launching a multifaceted social media communications strategy, developing an agile training approach, and deploying creative and measurable stakeholder engagement programs.

SBS draws Agility Lessons from ongoing consulting engagements, as well as voluntary submissions from other agile organizations that wish to share their experiences.


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