Scavado Awarded Top HR Product by Human Resource Executive Magazine

Scavado, an innovative talent search engine for recruiters, was named one of Human Resource Executive Magazine’s “Top HR Products of 2012.” Scavado won this award for its innovation and value for recruiters and HR professionals. Founder Lori Fenstermaker attended the 15th Annual HR Technology Conference to accept this prestigious award on behalf of Scavado (

Scavado is an affordable platform empowering recruiters to spend their time more wisely in the search for great people. Using Scavado, a quick search will find great prospects wherever they spend time online including press releases, membership groups, alumni sites, meetups, discussion threads, alumni associations, and social media. Recruiters can quickly and efficiently search the Internet for the best hidden talent without needing a Ph.D. in sourcing.

“Human Resource Executive® has been evaluating HR products and conducting this competition for 24 years,” said David Shadovitz, editor of Human Resource Executive. “Our goal has always been to identify products and services that clearly offer value to the HR community while demonstrating innovation. Scavado’s unique talent search engine design makes it easy for recruiters to find the best people from all over the Web. We’re happy to be giving this award to Scavado because the platform is innovating the way talent is found.”

To find top talent using Scavado, the user simply enters keywords, and the platform goes to work interrogating a spectrum of Web domains and search engines from businesses and social sites, to press releases, employee lists, membership groups, and online resumes and CV’s, looking for specialized talent for tough to fill requisitions. The platform scours the Internet for the best talent on the Web, looking deep into hidden talent pools to provide recruiters with the best options to reach those top candidates. If a great candidate has a resume, social media profile, online directory listing, or even press release online, Scavado will find it.

“We’re thrilled to be recognized by Human Resource Executive Magazine as a top HR product,” said Lori Fenstermaker, founder of Scavado. “Scavado is a new kind of platform for recruiters looking for a more efficient way to source the best specialized talent. As a recruiter myself, I know how important it is to have a product that helps you focus on what’s important: people.”

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About Scavado

Scavado is a next generation talent search engine connecting recruiters with the best candidates. The platform is built upon the belief that recruiters are currently spending too much time using complicated search algorithms to find talent, instead of actually connecting with those candidates.

Scavado’s platform makes deep searches for the best talent simple and fast, allowing recruiters to efficiently find the specialized talent where they are active on the web. Once they do, these candidates can be easily saved and catalogued into talent pipelines which can be exported into reports. Now recruiters can find great people and quickly generate deliverable results.