SCI Companies Announces Open Architecture 401(k) Solutions for 2012 and Beyond

Atlanta, GA — August 21, 2012 — SCI Companies today announced significant enhancements to its 401(k) solutions, in an effort to increase participation rates among its clients and their employees. The move is intended to overcome the many objections employees have toward participating in their retirement plan.

SCI Companies delivers outsourced HR solutions to small and mid-sized companies, taking responsibility for many of the client’s HR administrative functions. With SCI Companies’ PEO solution, small business owners and entrepreneurs minimize costs and maximize efficiencies via a complete HR outsourcing model known as a “co-employment” relationship. In a “co-employment” arrangement, employees are paid directly by the PEO, who delivers a host of HR services to employees of the client, such as administering payroll and providing employment benefits, including retirement programs. The advantage of this relationship to the small business owner is lower overall employment costs, access to better insurance rates, and stronger benefits programs for employees.

“One of the key components of a successful retirement planning strategy is an individual’s 401(k) plan offered by their employer. However, employees and employers alike put little emphasis on adequate participation in these important deferred retirement plans,” said Henry Hardin, CEO of SCI Companies.

Poor economic conditions and an unstable job market have not helped the situation. But reasons for the lack of retirement planning participation are many, including high & hidden fees, limited investment choice & flexibility, and lack of appropriate education & customer service.

“According to the Department of Labor, approximately one-third of eligible employees did not participate in their company’s 401(k) plan in 2011,” continued Hardin. “But for many, their 401(k) account may be the only source of income they have to supplement social security benefits at retirement. So plan participation, starting today, is a critical step toward securing their future.”

Effective immediately, RBF Capital Management, Inc. (RBF Capital) will become SCI Companies’ new investment advisory firm, replacing a greater than five (5) year relationship with Transamerica Retirement Services. The new solution from RBF Capital will offer a recent innovation in 401(k) programs — open architecture plans — where employees have the flexibility to design their own retirement plan from a greater spectrum of investment options. Another benefit of open architecture retirement plans is the total transparency associated with provider fees.

“The future of deferred retirement plans is fee transparency and customization,” said Rafal Baranski, CEO of RBF Capital. “The ability to identify and track plan expenses, customize plan choices and modify investment features will now give the Plan Sponsor complete control. A retirement plan is not a commodity, as in `one size fits all.’ Rather, it should be an important employee benefit tailored to suit the Plan Sponsors goals and needs.”

RBF Capital has formed partnerships with two well known retirement and financial industry giants – ExpertPlan will assume the responsibilities of plan administrator and record keeper and MG Trust will become the plan custodian and clearing platform. As a result, participants will still enjoy the benefits of full-service and support programs usually offered by only the largest administrators.

About SCI Companies

SCI Companies,, has led the industry with innovative Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) solutions since 1985. Our focus on flexible, customer-based solutions provides a comprehensive menu of Human Resources (HR) services, consulting and outsourcing designed to offer the convenience of a single-source provider for all your HR needs. We have grown with our customers by offering an unbeatable combination of individually customized programs, leading edge technology and a service team dedicated to making you “The Employer of Choice.” Contact us today.

About RBF Capital Management

RBF Capital Management Inc.,, is an independent investment adviser focusing on retirement plan consulting. RBF strives to be the leading provider of innovative, open architecture retirement plan services. We specialize in retirement plans designed to meet an individual’s unique investment objectives and supported by unbiased research, employee education, onsite enrollment, and online access, compliance and monitoring of plan performance. Our goal is to help our clients navigate the complexities of retirement planning and produce a retirement strategy in which they can be confident.