Select International Co-Presenting on Becker's Hospital Review Webinar

Dr. Theodore Kinney, Healthcare Team Lead with Select International, will co-present, “How Culture Drives, or Hinders, Performance and Outcomes,” a webinar discussing how hospitals can create effective talent strategies that support patient-centered care. The webinar, hosted by Becker’s Hospital Review, will take place on Wednesday, July 19 from 2:00 — 3:00 p.m. EDT.

Dr. Kinney will co-present with Rhonda Larimore, Vice President of Human Resources and Support Services with Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC.

Among the topics that the presenters will focus on during the one-hour webinar:
• The critical role of front-line workers in the patient experience
• How best to set and implement culture expectations
• The cultural `hourglass’ created when leaders’ expectations differ from senior leadership
• The commitment made by Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh to build a culture that supports its mission, to provide a level of care for patients and families consistent with its world-class technology and facilities.

Hospitals are facing unprecedented pressures to improve patient outcomes and deliver greater value. To date, efforts at change have focused on technological and process enhancements, but leading hospitals have concluded that long term change is about talent.

“Human Resources professionals in the healthcare industry are finding that traditional talent strategies simply aren’t effective,” said Dr. Kinney. “It’s vital that cultural change is developed and enforced in a way that benefits the hospital, and ultimately, its patients.”

According to Bryan Warren, Manager of Healthcare Solutions for Select International, “Particularly in healthcare, it’s culture, more so than technology or process, that drives performance. Cultural change, however, requires a deliberate effort to define what it means, the willingness to only select those who fit the profile and remove those who don’t, diligent development and engagement of staff, and new levels of accountability. Rhonda Larimore and her team at Children’s Hospital are on the leading edge of changing culture to drive performance and outcomes.”

The webinar will focus on the unique challenges facing hospitals, but will be valuable for any organization looking to improve performance through cutting edge talent strategies. Select International provides employee assessments and hiring systems to organizations in various industries, including healthcare.

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