Pittsburgh, 4.12.13 – Select International, a global provider of employee assessments and hiring solutions, launched its first safety-focused blog called Safety Perspectives.

The blog launched this week with the purpose of providing interesting and educational safety content that will help readers better understand the way the brain is wired to impact personal safety, especially safety in the workplace.

“We are very proud of the dedicated safety research we’ve conducted as an organization over the last 5 years,” says Esteban Tristan, Ph.D. Safety Practice Manager and Senior Consultant at Select International. “We’ll be tapping into our safety experts to bring you a fresh perspective on how to improve the safety culture within your organization. “

From selecting safer employees to developing a safer workforce, the blog will be 100% focused on providing educational content on improving safety within organizations across all industries.

“Through a combination of in-house experts and guest bloggers we promise to keep the content fresh and relevant to anyone interested in reducing the exposure of their workforce to safety incidents,” says Dr. Tristan.

The blog will be published weekly on Wednesdays. To receive this blog in your email you can subscribe by following this link.

About Select International
Select International develops employee assessments and hiring systems to help organizations identify, select and develop a strong, productive workforce. The company’s employee selection and development solutions include pre employment assessments, executive assessment, online interview training, manufacturing assessment tests, healthcare hiring assessments, customer service assessment tests, and tools to help organizations hire safe workers. Select International works closely with its clients to improve hiring at all levels, and across all industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, customer service, energy, retail, transportation and logistics, and distribution.

Select International is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, and maintains offices throughout North America and around the globe. For more information on Select International, call 1-800-786-8595 or visit