Select International Releases Results from Safety Assessment Consortium

Results released from a consortium examining SafetyMirror, Select International’s safety assessment, showed accuracy in predicting job performance and safety-related outcomes. The SafetyMirror assessment, released in 2011, is designed to predict behaviors that lead to safety outcomes, such as incidents and injuries.

The consortium consisted of 3 organizations and involved a broad range of position titles and responsibilities. The results summarize the larger study and use data from three organizations that participated in the consortium.

A global provider of employee assessments and hiring solutions, Select International also provides SafetyMirror for Leaders, an assessment that measures supervisor-level candidates for safety leadership capability.

A few of the study’s key findings included:

• The SafetyMirror Recommendation was a significant predictor of all supervisor rating criteria. The overall Recommendation Category was positively related to supervisor ratings (higher recommended individuals were rated higher overall in safety performance). In addition, SafetyMirror Recommendation was significantly related to a lower frequency of counter-productive work behaviors (CWB).

• SafetyMirror also significantly predicted objective criteria, specifically safety incidents and injuries. Thus, individuals who fell into the higher recommendation categories were less likely to be involved in safety incidents or become injured at work. Individuals who scored in the At Risk category were more than 1.5 times more likely to be involved in a safety incident at work. Of those individuals who were involved in a safety incident, those in the At Risk category were twice as likely to be involved in multiple safety indents than those in the Safe category.

• SafetyMirror also predicted injury severity, such that higher scores were related to less severe injuries. The At Risk group had a much higher likelihood of safety incidents resulting in a serious injury requiring medical treatment beyond first aid. This shows that, not only does this safety assessment predict safety incidents in general, but it also demonstrates predictive ability for serious incidents that may result in severe injury – and higher costs for an organization.

“We were pleased with the positive data from this consortium, however, we were not surprised by it,” said Matthew O’Connell, Ph.D., Executive Vice President and Co-Founder of Select International. “Extensive research went into the development of the SafetyMirror assessment, and we’re confident it will help organizations improve their overall safety culture.”

The complete validation summary can be viewed here.

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