Sendouts v8.8 Packed with Time Savers for Recruiters

ST. LOUIS, February 8, 2012 – The latest version of Sendouts recruiting software squeezes more productivity into the day with tools that streamline the recruiting work flow.

Sendouts, a premier provider of staffing and recruiting software, released Sendouts Version 8.8 on February 8, 2012.  Built upon customer feedback, the new set of features from Sendouts further simplifies and automates the recruiting process, freeing up recruiters’ time to pursue opportunities for revenue.

“In this release, we incorporated user feedback into each new feature,” said Brian Hopcraft, President & CEO of Sendouts.  “For example, our customers strongly wanted increased reporting flexibility, and with their input, Report Designer was born.”

One of the most exciting improvements for Sendouts customers is a 75% reduction of steps in sending a candidate through the life-cycle of a job order match.

“Because our users will be able to push candidates through the hiring process faster, they’ll have additional time for building the type of relationships that yield more hires and increased revenue down the road,” Hopcraft said.

Sendouts v8.8 features include:

– Apply with LinkedIn.  Appealing to passive candidates and mobile applicants, “Apply with LinkedIn” lets candidates apply to job orders using their LinkedIn Profile in just a few clicks.

– Custom Reporting.  Report Designer helps to pinpoint where a recruiter’s time is best spent.  Using standard data sets, recruiters can break out their specific KPIs, run calculations on report data, and help improve metrics.

– Faster Candidate Match-to-Placement Process.  The number of steps from candidate match to the final placement has been reduced by 75%.  That’s less time spent on tasks within the app, opening up a recruiter’s day to connect with new opportunities for revenue.

– A One-Stop App Shop.  Order free add-ons and powerful integrations from the new online storefront, Sendouts Market.  Optimize Sendouts by getting the right tools, and save time by shopping in one place.

– New Screening Service Integrations.  Recruiters can eliminate the paper trail, reduce duplicate data entry errors, and speed up the screening process by integrating background screening, drug testing, and skills assessment services with Sendouts.

– Increased Connectivity.  Link to and edit related records without navigating between multiple screens. Multitasking within the app increases recruiters’ daily productivity.

– Fool-Proof Email Marketing.  In addition to managing email marketing campaigns with email templates, merge fields, and email tracking, recruiters can now send test emails from Sendouts.  Preview emails in different email clients for perfect emails every time.

– New Learning Tools.  The new Sendouts University focuses on better organization and improved search functionality.  With help articles, access to training materials, and feature highlights at their finger-tips, recruiters can get the most out of their investment in Sendouts.

– Organized Skill Sets.  Skills are organized by industry.  Recruiters can efficiently add skills to candidate profiles and job orders with confidence that no skill has been overlooked, and create better matches down the road.

– Easy Resume Access.  Candidate resumes retain formatting in Sendouts, so recruiters do not need to process long blocks of homogeneous text.  Instead, resumes can be scanned and edited in their original format for pristine presentation to hiring managers.

In addition to improvements within the application, the new release highlights two web properties, Sendouts University and Sendouts Market, that will help users to enhance their Sendouts experience.

“Sendouts University has really evolved into a dynamic resource that our customers will be visiting beyond those times they need an immediate answer,” Hopcraft said.  “The new Sendouts Market also does an excellent job of catering to our users’ needs for apps and integrations in a hands-on way.”

From streamlined processes, to improved organization, recruiters can squeeze more activity out of their day with Sendouts v8.8, leaving time to pursue more opportunities and ultimately fill more job orders.

“We can always add new components to Sendouts,” Hopcraft said, “but, at the end of the day, if they don’t help our customers, they don’t add value to the application.  It’s the features that spring from our clients’ needs that matter the most.  Those are the features we will continue to develop and focus on.”

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About Sendouts:

Sendouts™ is the leading, single source provider of recruiting software for third party staffing and recruiting firms. Sendouts web-based recruiting software enables recruiting firms to streamline their recruiting process, increase productivity, and make more placements. Additionally Sendouts provides unparalleled training and support and is backed by an industry leading 98% customer satisfaction rate. Sendouts clients on average achieve an internal growth rate of 48% and increase job order fill rates by over 20%. Sendouts helps more than 1,500 firms automate and manage the entire recruiting process, from sales to final placement. For more information, visit or call 877-309-5222.