Sharkstrike Swims With the Bean!

Broadbean Technology Partners with Sharkstrike in a Continued Effort to Bring the Best Sourcing Tools to Our Clients.

Newport Beach, CA 10 March 2011 — Broadbean Technology, the universal provider of recruiter-specific candidate sourcing technology, is thrilled to announce yet again, another brilliant partnership. Working with Sharkstrike proves Broadbean’s efforts to evolve and provide the best technologies out there for its over 30,000 users.

“We are excited to have a partner like Broadbean to help deliver better candidates for both of our customers,” said Jason Gorham, CEO of Sharkstrike. “Our Broadbean partnership makes it seamless for recruiters and human resources professionals to post jobs directly to pay-per-click marketing on search engines and content sites, utilizing Sharkstrike’s patented technology Push Posting™ (US Patent number 7,653,567). Hiring pros don’t have to understand ppc; we handle everything from ad creation, bid management, quality score and much more. Not only can users advertise jobs in the United States, but we can also serve job ads around the world.”

Kelly Robinson, CEO and Founder of Broadbean states, “Our partnership with Sharkstrike quickly aligns us with the latest ppc technology to benefit candidate sourcing and online recruiting.  This relationship also allows us the continued provision of the best technology to our clients.  We look forward to sharing this space.”

“The Sharkstrike partnership is further representation of our promise to always look out for our clients.  It means everything to us when partners agree to a relationship that will not only be mutually beneficial but assist our clients and potential clients in their daily jobs: sourcing and recruiting the best using the fastest and easiest methods.  Simply, our job is to make a recruiter’s job easier,” continued Rayanne Thorn, marketing Director at Broadbean.

About Sharkstrike

Sharkstrike’s patented Push Posting™ job posting pay-per-click marketing technology (US Patent No. 7,653,567) helps companies recruit faster by targeting online job seekers where they spend time online. Our innovative recruitment solutions — including Push Posting(tm) and our job keyword extraction and recommendation engine — represent recruiting technology at its best. We believe in partnering with our clients to maximize your recruiting efforts while minimizing your recruiting budget.

Broadbean Technology
Broadbean is the leader in providing sourcing tools that help recruiters improve efficiencies, increasing ROI.  Our software makes it easy to search for talent online and distribute jobs, while optimizing recruitment processes with internal systems’ integration.  Broadbean analytics provide insight on the most successful channels, as well as metrics to increase effectiveness, ultimately lowering recruitment costs.

With 30,000 users worldwide, Broadbean is good at getting it right. Reach as many candidates as possible. Understand what that reach means. Get the answers needed to determine effective job board spend. Streamline the online recruitment process.

Reach. Understand. Determine. Streamline. It’s that simple.


Rayanne Thorn
Broadbean Technology