Silver and Gold Savings for Employees Through Voluntary Payroll Deduction

Lawrence, Kan. – August 19, 2011 – SilverSaver®, a precious metals purchasing service of Lawrence, KS based Mass Metal LLC, announces its service as a voluntary employee benefit.

The SilverSaver® employee benefit program works much like other voluntary benefits that companies offer, but it is the first and only way to save in precious metals through the convenience of payroll deduction. Companies complete a simple signup process and employees use a single form to choose how much physical silver or gold to save.

SilverSaver® provides the protection of precious metals to everyone. It has been well-received by those who understand the importance of accumulating precious metals as a hedge against loose monetary policies adopted by the worlds’ central banks. The company has clients in all 50 states in the U.S., who have saved silver and gold through automated checking, savings and brokerage account withdrawals. Due to demand from existing clients, SilverSaver® now makes it easy for people to accumulate precious metals automatically through employers that choose to offer it.

Gold and silver have recently surged to record high prices on demand as a safe-haven and have a 5,000-year history of being used as money. The goal of Mass Metal is to enable everyone to accumulate these time-tested assets using a safe, convenient and secure method.

Jeremy Brakenhoff, President and CEO of Mass Metal LLC said, “Our goal has always been to get physical precious metals into the hands of everyone. Creating the ability for companies to offer SilverSaver® through payroll deduction makes accomplishing it that much easier.”

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