Six Ways Modern Mentoring Revolutionized Workforce Learning

Triple Creek, the leader in enterprise mentoring and structured social learning software, today released an infographic that compares their award-winning Open Mentoring SaaS product to commonplace learning strategies such as traditional mentoring, seminars, classroom training and e-learning.

“Open Mentoring is a unique product that blends the best of social technologies with the best of learning protocols,” said Randy Emelo, President and CEO of Triple Creek. “Our process allows people to connect with others across organizational boundaries for the purpose of learning a new skill, garnering a new insight, or solving an immediate problem, and then provides business intelligence so that the impacts can be clearly understood by the company.”

While numerous factors help set Open Mentoring apart from commonplace learning approaches, these six top the list:

Inclusive: Open Mentoring is built to be an enterprise solution where anyone and everyone can participate, leveraging the collective intelligence of the entire workforce.

Contextual: Learning occurs within the context of one’s job and can be applied immediately to their situation, creating real-time impact and tangible results for participants.

Networked: Dynamic, flexible and fluid mentoring networks form in Open Mentoring, shifting and changing shape over time as people make new connections or even change their role in existing connections.

Collaborative: Learners and advisors can connect with colleagues from anywhere in the organization, can give back to others by sharing their own insights, and can capitalize on creativity and innovation through diverse learning networks.

Personal: People use Open Mentoring to connect, engage, collaborate and share with colleagues, addressing their own unique real-time learning needs and assessing their competency needs and strengths in an ongoing fashion.

Transformational: Learning and knowledge sharing are centered around organizational competencies, providing a universal framework for relationships that tie back directly to organizational interests and goals.

The impact of Open Mentoring has been profound on individuals and organizations. For example, Wells Fargo expanded their mentoring program by 900% while reducing administrative time and costs by 70% when they switched from a manual program to Open Mentoring. In surveys of Open Mentoring users, Triple Creek has found that 96% could apply information gained through their mentoring experience directly to their role in the organization, and 83% said their mentoring experience positively influenced their desire to stay at their company.

View, download and share the full infographic. And be sure to download Triple Creek’s free eBook: How to Build Modern Mentoring Networks.

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