Skype Not Suited for Video Interviews, Montage Study Finds

Las Vegas, NV (October 7, 2013) – According to a study commissioned by Montage, a provider of purpose-built video interviewing solutions to the Global 5000, fewer than a quarter (24%) of active job seekers who were interviewed using Skype agreed that Skype was easy to use for a job interview. The survey additionally found that among active job seekers in the $75K-$149K income bracket, only 9% agreed that Skype was easy to use for interviews. The announcement was made at the HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas, NV.

“What these candidates experienced is something a growing number of companies have learned the hard way: consumer video tools do not lend themselves well to interviews. For a casual user, the quality of the experience is less important. But for an individual conducting a job interview, ease of use and a positive experience is critical. They need reliable, intuitive technology and a support team available to ensure that everything goes smoothly,” stated Montage CEO Kurt Heikkinen.

Pre-empting any possible assumptions that only older job seekers would find Skype difficult to use, the survey reveals that younger generations are no more comfortable with Skype for a job interview than more mature audiences. Among job seekers in the 18-24 age range, only 20% agreed that Skype is easy to use for job interviews.

“Montage takes a uniquely customer-centric approach to the interviewing technology and support they provide. Their solution delivers the information we need to make the best possible hiring decisions, presented in a way that allows us to use it effectively across the organization,” stated Julia Abell, Senior Director of Employment, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. “But even more important is the ease of use and 24/7 personal support they provide to our candidates. At Cincinnati Children’s every candidate is a possible customer, so making sure they all have a positive impression about the interview experience is my top priority,” she explained.


The study commissioned by Montage, polled a total of 3,736 individuals to elicit a sample size of 200 active job seekers who were interviewed using Skype in the past 6 months. The 200 participants, who identified their income on a scale of $0-$149,999, were surveyed by online questionnaire between the dates of August 6th and 12th, 2013.

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