SocialEars® Creators Interviewed on TotalPicture Radio Podcast

CAPITOLA, Calif. / February 23, 2011 — TotalPicture Radio, a popular online broadcaster of career and leadership development podcasts, has released a new podcast interview with Mark Willaman, founder and CEO of SocialEars® and, and Peter Odryna, lead developer of SocialEars®.

The online strategy podcast explains the role of social media and listening analytics software such as SocialEars®, as well as the transition of media from print to online and the need for companies to cut through the noise and make sense of big data to reach the right industry journalists and influencers.

Hosted by producer Peter Clayton, the interview is available for download on the TotalPicture Radio website at The program is timed to coincide with the TLNT Transform Conference on February 27-28 in Austin, Texas, where SocialEars® will be on display at the booth.

While focused on the human resources media market, the interview reflects the transformation of B2B media taking place worldwide. As the media pendulum swings from print to online, the social media conversation is exploding into a supernova of online noise.

“Journalists are no longer the only gatekeepers of news and information,” says Willaman. “The old categories are morphing into a larger community of bloggers, analysts, industry professionals, consultants, and other online influencers, and this has created huge opportunities for companies to get visibility, but also some real challenges, namely noise — you’ve got to sift through so much noise today.”

Odryna adds: “Because it’s so easy to create blogs, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, communication has become a tool where people can get their voice out very quickly. Two realities have resulted from this. First, the volume of information has exploded. The second is the timeliness of information — people are looking for live information, the current latest data and the latest opinions.”

By using social listening software, according to Willaman and Odryna, marketing and PR practitioners can centrally track coverage trends, stay current with what’s trending today and tomorrow and identify the influencers who are driving industry conversations — a list that changes daily.

During the podcast, the two offer tips for companies to increase visibility and also explain the game-changing features of SocialEars® HR Edition, including the ability to:

– Instantly discover journalists, analysts and other online influencers who have recently written on a particular HR-related subject
– Sharpen story pitches and news releases by understanding industry hot topics
– Research topics and data for white papers, webcasts and blog posts
– Identify potential speakers for events
– Strengthen competitive intelligence and market research

About SocialEars®
SocialEars HR Edition is social listening software that analyzes the online “social” activity in the human resource marketplace to identify trending topics and the key influencers driving these discussions. SocialEars monitors the industry’s blogs, Tweets, news stories and shared online content, allowing companies to quickly cut through the noise and discover content and people that matter.

About is a product of Fisher Vista LLC, a marketing software and services firm focusing on the B2B marketplace. Since 2000, over 1,000 companies have used to market to human resources departments and other key B2B decision makers such as IT and Finance. A hybrid of technology, industry expertise and service, features marketing and PR information databases, news distribution, campaign management and measurement & analytics services.

About TotalPicture Radio
Hosted by Peter Clayton, one of the HR industry’s most influential sources of information on Leadership and Management, TotalPicture Radio ( has been called “the definitive source for in-depth interviews with the movers and shakers in HR,” by TotalPicture Radio podcasts can be downloaded from the company’s website, iTunes and other sources.

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