Newport Beach, CA 27 November 2010 — Broadbean Technology, the universal provider of recruiter-specific candidate sourcing technology, is thrilled to announce the launch of SocialSmashed thus providing the way to streamline the tedious task of social job posting. Social Recruiting has been a hot HR topic for some time and SocialSmashed was born out of the need to establish a baseline for social media time investment. Participation in social media has long been described as immeasurable. With the smooth integration of SocialSmashed, companies can begin to understand what that participation means.

“When we came to the US, we understood that the rules of online recruitment were changing. Back in 2001, Broadbean Technology launched operations during a time when job boards were rapidly becoming the go-to source for jobseekers.” Kelly Robinson, Broadbean Founder and Chief Exec continues, “With a desire to provide the necessary and current tools our clients need, we explored social recruiting and how our technology could help. We are constantly in a state of innovation at Broadbean and SocialSmashed is an obvious and natural addition to our line of products and services.”

Rayanne Thorn, Marketing Director at Broadbean continues, “This product suite is the perfect combination of our job posting technology and social media savvy. Anyone who knows me and knows Broadbean also knows of the investment we have made in new media. SocialSmashed is the perfect solution for companies wishing to streamline the process of social posting.”

This technology streams job postings to the most popular social media channels. With this integration, jobs will be effortlessly dropped into a Facebook jobs tab, created by SocialSmashed. Social job posting also occurs in a customized Twitter stream, as well as on the company’s Group page. Responding applicants are directed back to the ATS or CRM of choice. Known for their job posting analytics, Broadbean Technology provides customized social job posting metrics. The progression makes complete sense and proves the logic and smarts behind the Broadbean machine.

About SocialSmashed
The magic bean does exist and it is at the tip of your fingers. Broadbean brings you SocialSmashed with the pure intent of making your life and job easier. The task of hiring quality people is difficult enough without minimizing the importance of reach and relevance: sourcing. With social networking dominating online activity, it leaves little to consider. You need to be where candidates are, where they hang out. And with SocialSmashed, you can measure your social media ROI.
Broadbean’s vision remains the same today as it was in 2001:
1. Reach as many candidates as possible.
2. Understand what that reach means.
3. Determine the merits of online recruitment spend.
4. Streamline online recruitments processes.

Reach. Understand. Determine. Streamline. It’s that simple.

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