Southern Insurance Underwriters Realizes Automated and Streamlined Employee Performance Management with emPerform

Largest Family-Owned MGA Streamlines Employee Performance Management with CRG emPerform.
October 11-2016, 2016: Ottawa, ON: CRG emPerform, announced today that one of the largest family-owned MGAs, Southern Insurance Underwriters, is using emPerform’s award-winning employee performance management software suite to achieve consistency and automation in performance appraisals and compensation management.
Like other small to medium sized insurance companies, SIU relies on an experienced staff of seasoned underwriters to deliver quality output and results. Prior to using emPerform, SIU used manual spreadsheet appraisal forms as a basis for its performance management efforts. The entire process provided zero status tracking, was very time-consuming and cumbersome, and made it impossible for SIU to ensure consistency in ratings and content across the organization.
“We had no way to track the status of appraisals or to ensure consistency,” said Rebecca Rice, Human Resources Specialist at SIU. “In addition, there was often missing information, causing frequent follow-ups from HR. Overall, it was a very impure, manual, and cumbersome process.”
The company came to the conclusion that in order to align, reward, and retain their valued staff, they would have to automate and streamline performance management across the organization, including periodic reviews, annual assessments, and compensation planning.
SIU began their search for a talent management system to help realize their goals. The SIU Human Resources Team reviewed six different solutions and ultimately selected emPerform for its configurability, usability, and compensation management functionality. “Multiple human resources staff members had individual meetings with all vendors and each person came to the same conclusion– that emPerform’s system was superior,” said Rice.
Since implementing emPerform, Southern Insurance Underwriters has reduced the time needed to complete appraisals, increased the consistency of content and ratings across the organization, enabled accessible ongoing feedback and performance journals, and has full visibility into the status and progress of employee reviews and performance.
“emPerform’s appraisal workflows and notifications help ensure that complete information is entered by SIU staff and review forms are routed automatically and instantly to the right people,” continued Rice. “The result has been an easier process with significant time-savings for staff and HR.”
The next step for SIU is working with emPerform to build on their performance management strategy with integrated pay-for-performance planning. “By implementing a pay-for-performance process using emPerform’s Compensation Manager, SIU will be able to allocate employee merit and variable compensation adjustments fairly and consistently throughout the organization,” said Rice. “This will help SIU to reward and retain its valuable staff while staying in line with the business’ bottom-line.”
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