Sovren Introduces the Sovren Accelerator Program

Today, Sovren, the leading resume parsing and AI job matching cloud services provider, introduces a new program aimed at helping emerging companies in the AI/HR space to gain traction and grow their businesses – the Sovren Accelerator Program. Sovren has allocated an initial $3,000,000 in in-kind donations to help qualifying new customers begin parsing with the best available parsing software on the market. For a $200 one-time fee, the customer will receive:

– 5000 Forever Credits ($770 value, and they never expire!), good for resume/CV parsing, job parsing, geocoding and AI job matching
– Logo and blurb on Sovren website
– Publicity on social media through Sovren
– Sample apps with full source code
– Two free job email inboxes (coming soon, a $98 value)
– Free integration best practices support

“Sovren was once a startup,” explains Sovren co-founder and President, Robert Ruff. “We realize that companies don’t always have the money they need to invest in technology up front, but we also know that there is immense value in building your company using the best technology from the beginning. You can’t build great companies on second-rate software. This program allows startups access to the best parsing and matching software on the market before they can afford it and removes this barrier to entry. Over the last 10 years, the most dollars spent in acquisitions in the HR tech industry have been to companies who have built their software on top of Sovren software. To compete, companies need the best building blocks, and this program makes that possible, from day one.”

Sovren Group is the premier global provider of multi-lingual enterprise-grade resume/CV parsing and fourth-generation semantic searching and matching software based on advanced human-proctored AI.

For more information on how to join the Sovren Accelerator Program, visit

or just email “Yes!” to