Sovren posts huge sales increases and announces new software release.

Sovren Group, the world’s leading vendor of semantic parsing and matching components and SaaS solutions for the global recruitment industry, posted record sales for the quarter and month ended September 2015, with revenues soaring 87% for the month and 48% for the quarter. Profits more than doubled.

Sovren will release version 7.5.0 of its Sovren Resume/CV Parser on October 12, 2015. This new release represents by far the most accurate and fully-featured parser available from any vendor, and includes over two dozen languages and dialects at no extra charge.

The Sovren Semantic Matching Engine, first deployed in 2007, is the world’s most sophisticated 360 degree profile matching engine, matching on more kinds of data and metadata than any other engine, and is the only engine that understands and uses candidates’ career profiles by giving greater weight to who and what they are now versus who and what they were earlier. The Sovren Semantic Matching Engine is a true semantic engine, as opposed to the many fake semantic engines based on machine learning (math/statistics, not semantics) or concepts (taxonomies, not semantics).

Founded in 1996, Sovren has only employee-owners and has never needed external funds to support its operations or finance its growth. Sovren’s five year compounded sales growth rate exceeds 33% per year.

For more information, contact Jennifer Trillsch at Sovren maintains a website at and can be reached at +1 713-562-1800.