Spidergap Update Reduces the Time Needed to Set Up a 360-Degree Feedback Exercise From Weeks to Minutes

LONDON – October 4, 2013 -Spidergap announces an update to its 360-degree feedback tool that allows users to run a feedback exercise with thousands of staff in minutes.

Today’s release makes it easy for employees to choose who will provide feedback, and for Spidergap users to manage the process and ensure the employees and feedback-providers take their required actions.

Since the ’90s, the vast majority of the world’s top-performing companies have supported employee development with 360-degree feedback, where an employee is given feedback by their manager, colleagues, and others with valuable input.

However, the 360-degree feedback market has yet to catch up with the cloud-based solutions seen in other fields. While SurveyMonkey has made it easy to design and administrate a standard assessment for years, this simplicity has not previously been seen in the 360-degree feedback market.

Spidergap has previously challenged the 360-feedback-tool market by providing employee-friendly reports and an online questionnaire designer. The employee reports are unique in how they clearly show the top priorities for the employee to focus on. This is unlike many tools that expect a manager or coach to help the employee interpret the results.

“This new release helps us bring our unique benefits to the world’s largest companies,” said Spidergap marketing director Alexis Kingsbury. “The most-important, value-adding part of Spidergap is the employee report – this report leads to employees spending less time trying to understand the results and more time planning and actually taking action. This release makes it quick and painless to get that benefit in companies with tens of thousands of employees.”

Spidergap is an online tool for 360-degree feedback, based in the UK and serving a global audience. Customer size varies between 50 and 50,000. Site visitors can download a free sample of an employee report from https://www.spidergap.com/sample-report

Alexis Kingsbury, Spidergap’s marketing director, can be contacted at alex-at-spidergap.com or +44 203 290 5432