Staff Management | SMX Brings Excellence and Innovation to United Cargo in IAH

CHICAGO, IL – October 22, 2013 – United Cargo today announced the completion of the transition of cargo handling services at George Bush International Airport in Houston (IAH) to Staff Management | SMX. A global leader recognized throughout the staffing provider industry for innovative workforce management solutions, Staff Management | SMX won the prestigious 2012 American Business Award for Company of the Year.

The change announced today is the culmination of a two-month process. Staff Management | SMX, in a collaboration with local United Airport Operation leaders, directed a Lean Six Sigma initiative to ensure the most effective transition of all cargo service partner staffing and management in IAH while improving the station’s customer service performance.

“Our goal was to execute a seamless transition for our cargo customers, but we did better than that, said Ana Bendana, United’s Senior Manager, IAH Cargo Operations. “Our success percentage in the critical “flown as planned” metric has risen 14 points since the transition began. With the changeover complete, we expect even more progress.

“Staff Management | SMX provides staffing and warehouse management for several leading organizations in cargo, supply chain and third-party logistic industries, ” said Mark Albrecht, Director, United Cargo Logistics. “These companies set the highest standards for efficiency and quality from their service partners. To be the world’s leading cargo carrier, United Cargo must consistently deliver this level of excellence to our customers. Staff Management | SMX has proven they can help us achieve that in IAH.”

For the convenience of United Cargo’s customers, the IAH pickup and drop-off locations, phone and fax contact numbers have not changed. United Cargo’s IAH Cargo Facility remains open 24 hours a day, every day in the year.

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