Staying Up to Date While Selling Your ATS

Does your ATS have the latest features?

Which functionality of your ATS can keep your buyers happy?

How can technology help you in adding the best features to your ATS?

If you are focusing on creating feature-rich recruitment software, I am sure you must be having these questions in mind. Let me pinpoint an exclusive list of features that will enhance the functionality of your ATS.

1.An Excellent Candidate Experience

An ATS must provide an amazing experience to the candidates. Your buyers wish to get maximum candidates towards their website. Candidates tend to leave a website if the application form is very lengthy. A perfect ATS will allow the candidates to apply for a job on the go.

Here, I must bring into your notice that an ATS can showcase this feature with the help of technology. For example, you can explore the power of a resume parser to make your ATS better, faster, and smarter. Once a candidate uploads his resume, the parser fills the fields automatically. Thus, a candidate does not have to fill repetitive information in the application form. The result is a happy candidate who can apply for a job with a few clicks.

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2. Automation of the Recruitment Process

An ATS will deliver its best if it speeds up the process of hiring candidates. Again, technology plays an important role. With the help of recruitment analytics solutions, you can extract resume data and save the same in data fields such as education, qualification, contact info, experience, etc. It becomes easy to shortlist candidates which saves the time of recruiters. As a result, they can fill the job vacancies quickly.

3. A Smooth Onboarding Process

Another must-have feature that your buyers look for is a smooth onboarding process. An ATS empowered with this feature allows the recruiters to send e-forms, contracts, etc. without the need for scanning, faxing paperwork. Paperless onboarding is the need of the hour, and this is what every buyer looks for. Saying goodbye to paperwork is what every ATS should aim for.

4. Multiple Postings to Job Boards and Social Media

Access to multiple job boards (both free and paid) and social channels such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook is another feature that makes an ATS efficient. This allows the recruiters to find the top talent quickly.

5. Reports and Analytics

An effective recruiting strategy is backed by data. An ATS, which delivers accurate reports and analytics, helps in making informed decisions.

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