SteelBridge Solutions Announces Change Management E-Book

ATLANTA–March 28, 2016–Human resources consultancy SteelBridge Solutions, Inc. (SBS) has announced the publication of its first e-book. The Road Best Traveled: Your Path to Change Management will be released this week during the 26th Annual SHRM-Atlanta HR Conference, the theme of which is “Building Brilliance.”

“The timing seemed perfect, since our mission is to help organizations become ‘brilliant’ at managing change,” Managing Director Susan Richards said. “Our book serves this mission. It is not another ‘how to’ guide, but instead is a primer for change leaders who are seeking a strategic perspective on change.”

According to Richards, many companies are still unsure whether and when they should concern themselves with change management. Whenever an initiative requires people to work or behave differently, it is essential to manage the change, she said. However, success rates rise dramatically when organizations first undergo a disciplined process to learn exactly where they stand with respect to the environmental and organizational factors that support or obstruct change.

The six environmental and organizational factors discussed in the book are:

– How well the initiative fits into the organization’s business context
– The risks associated with the proposed change
– Whether the organizational structure and design enable the change
– The culture’s receptivity to change
– Availability of resources to execute change management activities
– Access to change management methodologies and tools

Scrutinizing these factors reveals issues that, if left unexplored and unaddressed, could derail any change. “Awareness is a critical first step,” Richards concluded. “An organization that ‘knows itself’ can ultimately become skilled at change, an essential condition of organizational success.”

SteelBridge Solutions prides itself on being an agile consultancy: In meeting clients wherever they are on their transformation journey; in adapting solutions to each client’s culture, business environment, and talent challenges; and in adjusting our consulting approach to take advantage of the unexpected obstacles and opportunities that occur during the life of a major HR or business initiative. With over 25 years of experience, our team of HR consultants helps clients achieve dramatic improvements in HR Performance, Change Management and Organizational Transformation. Our proven business HR transformation/change methodology tools work flawlessly, whether your business employs 200 or 200,000!

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