Steve LaMotta Joins HR Tech Advisor as Chief Collaborator

West Chester, PA January 26, 2017 — HR Tech Advisor is proud to announce recently signing on Steve LaMotta as Chief Collaborator.

When asked about his new role, LaMotta had a lot of passion to share: “I’ve spent many years as a leader at #SHRM, #EMA, #DallasHR, #HRBoardroom, #HCI, and #TalentManagement, during which I have witnessed partnerships being treated all too often as a simple “check box” for winning more RFPs. There was no vetting of the partners, so success rarely got past the press release. Most, never made it to the essentials of partnership success, like enabling deal collaboration, capturing customer dilemmas for their partners, or ensuring data control was in place to drive true value between vendor relationships. Without these elements, their clients didn’t get the anticipated win-win results that would come from effective partneships, thankfully the self-service platform will address these core elements and more, for the vendor community – all ships will rise in a rising tide, therefore all platform participants will be enabling their clients to be more successful through effective vendor collaboration.”

According to Ward Christman, Chief Advisor for HR Tech Advisor “Steve is a former colleague of mine and a long time friend – it’s fantastic to be working together again! Steve brings a ton of experience and skills to our boutique HR Tech consulting & advisory firm, helping to ensure our clients get solid results. Steve also brings wonderful insights to help ensure the build out of our latest solution,, meets the needs of the HR Tech vendor community.”

LaMotta also shared “I’m thrilled to be joining HR Tech Advisor co-founders, Ward Christman and LarryCummings, in launching – the first platform to support vendor alliances & partnerships specifically in the Human Resource Technology & Services industry. With other industries far ahead of the HR Tech industry when it comes to alliances & partnership performance, this is one of the greatest areas of opportunity for SMB and Enterprise level HR Tech firms wanting to grow their revenues. It is a very exciting time to collaborate with industry thought leaders as we bring this innovative, industry wide offering to vendors all around the world!”

Co-founder of, Larry Cummings, CA-AM, shared “How can #HRTech adequately address the dilemmas of human capital without first hand insight? We looked at what our team needed, and were pleased to find them all in Steve – 20 years as a certified practitioner, tradeshows, cutting edge alliances and collaboration skills.”

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HR Tech Advisor is a boutique advisory firm for leaders of HR Tech companies looking to grow their business via partnerships & alliances. HR Tech Advisor has been working with numerous industry experts helping to support the launch of, a platform custom designed for creating and managing partnerships in the HR tech/services ecosystem. To learn more, visit

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