Study: Leaders' Top Improvement Need: Ability to Energize Others

Mill Valley, Calif. / July 21, 2011 — Checkster, the leading talent assessment vendor leveraging collective intelligence, today released a study analysis that details the biggest misperception and area of improvement for leaders: the ability to energize their team.

Based on an analysis of more than 17,000 business, non-profit and government employees, the consistently number one area where people lacked performance and were rated lower by their colleagues was the ability to energize those same colleagues. Interestingly, it was also the dimension with the second largest discrepancy between managers’ self-perception versus the perception of their colleagues about their leadership competencies. But it comes often undetected, as many colleagues experienced them as better than they actually believe, and an equal number perceive them as worse, so the difference its cancelling itself out in the same team. This conclusion seems to show that leaders could benefit from using new ways to reach the people they are leaving cold and unmotivated.

To help leaders improve their energizing power, Checkster has made a one-page tips available to its users. To download it, click here.

Another interesting finding was that two thirds of people are seeing themselves as less competent to master their trade than their colleagues give them credit for. While leaders rated themselves lower than the “ability to energize others” on the ability “to master their industry and product knowledge,” their colleagues do not see them as low. This may be due to the traditional career path when individual contributors get promoted; while having the unconscious competence of their trade, they are very conscious of their lack of leadership skills. This finding can help leader better assess themselves, improve or hire complementary colleagues, and become more thoughtful about this practice.

“Our study not only uncovered that the ability to energize team members is a scarce commodity, but that leaders perceive their lack of product and industry knowledge versus people leadership as their top weakness,” said Yves Lermusi, chief executive officer of Checkster, the leading provider of talent assessment that leverages collective intelligence. “They are wrong and this inaccurate perception should be uncovered to enable strategic personal growth. That is why we have released a one pager on Energizing Tips and made our 360 feedback Talent Checkup free.”

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