Survey Results Reveal Specific Healthcare Talent Issues

Select International, a provider of employee assessments and hiring systems, released the results of a survey conducted at the annual meeting of the American College of Physician Executives (ACPE) in San Francisco. The survey polled C-suite executives, medical directors, chief quality officers and practice presidents around topics that included talent acquisition and physician employment.

Among the findings was an overall consensus that healthcare organizations, not unlike other industries, are struggling with identifying and placing the right individuals into their workforce. The impact of this challenge is heightened in healthcare, however, as organizations strive to face the challenges of reform. In each of the areas addressed, more than half of the respondents rated their organizations as less than effective. Some of the specific results are highlighted below:

• When asked about the effectiveness of their hiring process at identifying physicians, nurses and staff who are suited to a patient-central, patient-friendly culture, 56% rated their processes as Not Effective.

• On the topic of physician performance, more than two-thirds (66%) questioned their organizations’ ability to predict overall physician performance. With many hospitals moving toward an employed physician model, physician performance has become even more crucial.

• Much of the ACPE Conference focused on the issue of physician disruptive behavior, with particular attention given to how it should be managed. Only 23% of participants feel that their organizations are effective at using the recruiting and hiring process to identify physicians who are at risk for displaying these behaviors.

• Similarly, respondents were asked to rate how well their organizations position new physicians for success. Given the financial investment that hospital systems make in the recruitment of physicians, as well as the significant costs associated with physician turnover, this metric was especially alarming; less than 25% rated themselves as effective in this area.

• Healthcare organizations are dealing with change on multiple fronts (including adoption of electronic medical records, new care delivery models, new quality measures and payment methodologies). Having a workforce that is adaptable is more important than ever. However, a solid 60% questioned the ability of their physicians, administrators and staff to adapt to change.

“What many healthcare organizations fail to realize is that efforts to drive change, improve performance, and implement innovative ideas are only as successful as the talent strategies in place to support them,” said Bryan Warren, Select International’s Healthcare Solutions Manager. “This survey showed that there are significant areas for improvement, which can be achieved with a deliberate approach and by applying basic selection principles.”

Hospitals are now looking to other industries and adopting technology and process changes that have proven successful. They have recently begun to think progressively about talent strategies, and these results demonstrate that most organizations have a long way to go. Select International works with progressive healthcare systems to see their workforce in the same way that leading manufacturing organizations do — as a valuable asset, and to adopt proven methods to select and develop those assets.

About Select International
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