Synergy Consulting Collaborative, LLC Releases New White Paper: How to Become a Career-Friendly Organization

FRAMINGHAM, Mass., December 14, 2012 – Synergy Consulting Collaborative, LLC releases new white paper – The Career-Friendly Organization(TM).

On the 2013 wish list for many organizations is the ability to recruit and retain an agile, skilled, engaged workforce. On the wish list for employees are career development and growth opportunities in 2013 and beyond. In this white paper, organizational development expert and author, Elizabeth (Betty) Black explains how The Career-Friendly Organization(TM) balances both organizational needs and employee desires.

The white paper explains how to identify “career-friendly” workplaces, what support employees want and how to balance organizational and employee needs. By considering ten important questions, leaders can assess where their organization is on the “career-friendly” continuum and what steps they can take to align business and employee development goals.

Black states, “The Career-Friendly Organization(TM) supports strategic workforce planning by helping align what talent the business needs both now and in the future with the ongoing career conversations of the internal talent pool.” Joanne Dustin, career coach and founder of Synergy Consulting Collaborative, adds “career conversations with both managers and peers within career communities can provide forums for this critical, two-way dialogue in every organization.”

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