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Monitoring Potential Workplace Violence

By HR Vendor News | April 3, 2012

The article below is a perfect example of workplace violence at its apex in terms of severity. What kind of signs were given before this incident occurred? Were the signs obvious, or only obvious to those in a close proximity with the people involved? These are the types of questions that will inherently be posed…

Bullying and Its Effects in the Workplace

By HR Vendor News | March 19, 2012

If you were lucky you didn’t have to worry much about being bullied in school. If you weren’t so lucky, then you remember the effects. The exact same human dynamics can apply in the workplace. The tactics and their effects are not as obvious, but they are very real. Workplace bullying is often the first…

Workplace Violence Can Strike Anywhere

By HR Vendor News | March 15, 2012

Another unfortunate reminder of this came last week when Dale Regan, head of school in Jacksonville was gunned down by a fired teacher. Homicide is the leading cause of death for women in the workplace. The U.S. Department of Labor identifies factors that can increase the risk of workplace violence as: Exchanging money with the…

Workplace Investigations: Avoiding Costly Litigation

By HR Vendor News | March 7, 2012

In a recent case coming out of Alberta, Canada, an employee’s employment with Home Hardware was terminated after seventeen years leading to a costly penalty imposed on the employer. The employee was in a supervisory position with a Home Hardware distribution centre and was accused of “sexual harassment” by a female employee who was later…

Social Media Unions

By HR Vendor News | March 1, 2012

As we all know social media is used by almost everyone to communicate, express thoughts and increase awareness. In a number of recent high profile work stoppages social media has been successfully used by the union movement to organize large scale rallies, mass picketing and protests. Information regarding non-violent civil disobedience is openly shared instructing…

Union Flash Mob

By HR Vendor News | March 1, 2012

Are union tactics changing? Have the rules changed when it comes to protests and picketing? Recently the USW and Occupy Toronto gathered for a flash mob at the BMO Building. The union was on strike for an extended period and was becoming increasingly frustrated. As a result members of the union and the occupy movement…

The Eyes Have It: Social Surveillance in a Digital World

By HR Vendor News | February 27, 2012

We live in a voyeuristic society…an age where news has gone from being informative to entertainment, and where society needs to see it to believe it. Gone are the days when criminal activity operates in a cloak of secrecy; where cases can hinge on eyewitness testimony and be tainted by memory, time or prejudices. Now,…

Investigations Consequences Equal Anxiety

By HR Vendor News | February 24, 2012

When our mind is saying something our body doesn’t agree with there is always going to be conflict within. It’s the classic literary man versus self and when put in a situation that illustrates this, the result is as good as any battle we would have witnessed in the coliseum. Quite often during an investigation;…

Course Bundles are Here!

By HR Vendor News | February 24, 2012

IMAC Online Training has released three course bundles that yield savings of 50%. Each bundle has courses that have been approved to receive HRCI credits. Courses are relevant to workplace violence, strike preparation, crisis communications and more.

Thank you to HRmarketer!

By HR Vendor News | February 24, 2012

I received an excellent email this morning — I had won an iPad from HRmarketer after sending a tweet about their SocialEars service that we have been utilizing for IMAC and AFI and was entered into a draw. While conducting marketing research for services related to our IMAC Labor Dispute and Work Stoppage conference, our…