Talemetry Inc. Unveils New Talemetry(R) Agency Solution at the 2013 HR Technology Conference

This week at the HR Technology Conference, recruiting software company Talemetry Inc. is announcing the newest addition to its talent generation suite: Talemetry(R) Agency.

Talemetry Agency is a new module in the Talemetry Talent Generation Suite that provides recruiters a simple interface to share open jobs with third-party recruiting agencies. Recruiting agencies can access a customized web portal to view open roles and submit candidates for specific roles. Organizations can then search and rank candidates submitted by agencies alongside candidates that come from other sources including social media sites and job boards. The Talemetry system tracks candidates through the process, delivering consistent communications, managing agency relationships and spend, and avoiding duplication of candidates that may already be under consideration for roles. In addition, organizations can choose which recruiting agencies to work with for each role and track the effectiveness across multiple agencies.

One of the major trends in recruiting is the need to more effectively monitor and manage recruiting spend and recruiter efficiency. Because Talemetry Agency captures and manages candidates from agencies, recruiters can use the Talemetry Source & CRM module to search, rank, and compare all of their candidates at once. Recruiters will find new opportunities to review the quality of candidates from various sources, including recruiting agencies, job boards, social media profiles, and the company career website. The combination helps organizations manage recruiting spend, improve recruiter efficiency, understand and optimize cost of hire across multiple channels, and deliver a better candidate experience.

“Talemetry Agency helps organizations connect better with their agencies,” says Tim Lang, Talemetry SVP and Chief Product Officer. “For most organizations, the correspondence between recruiters and agencies is typically done through email, spreadsheets, or phone calls resulting in inconsistent candidate communication, expensive duplication of candidates, and increased tension between recruiting agencies and organizations. This tool makes work more efficient for both organizations and their agencies.” Additionally, Lang adds that Talemetry Agency will help manage recruiting budgets. “According to the latest research, global organizations spend over $80 billion on recruiting services every year to help them find the right candidate. Having a centralized place to manage the recruiting spend means that you can optimize your use of agencies while avoiding duplication of candidates so you won’t pay for the same candidate twice.”

To learn more about Talemetry Agency as well as the entire Talemetry talent generation suite of sourcing, marketing, and candidate engagement solutions, visit www.talemetry.com or follow us on twitter at @talemetry.

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Talemetry is a registered trademark of Talemetry Inc. (formerly Talent Technology Corp.)